Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Fiction Writing Process Explained

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Tam, the Princess of Snark and High Velocity Projectiles, talks about a subject near and dear to my heart.

Yes, I know, I said that writing about writing is counter-productive but every now and then something speaks to you.

The foundation of the Fiction Writing Process is honesty. Did I not write my minimum five hundred words today because... of what, actually? Five hundred words. Five. Hundred. Skipping five hundred words is the heart of a broken process.

But, actually, once you got that five hundred words down (ZOMG I WROTE A BOOK!) the hard part, the true trip to Writer Purgatory, is elimination of the Talent Suck Cycle.

That's where one day you hand a writer you wish you could be when you grow up some of your material and she breathlessly tells you over Skype "Anthony, this is brilliant!" which sends feelings through you as if the nubile barista whose ass you've been admiring from afar lifts up her skirt and begs you to take her virtue.

Then the very next day you produce the literary breakfast of gravel grits served over turd biscuits.

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  1. Thank you so much for joining the conversation over at Unedited. I loved your points and I appreciate you taking the time for sharing those view points with someone who is definitely a plotter. The world is filled with various individuals, with various techniques, all of which could be bestsellers in the end.

    PS - Writing is so subjective. So many people you admire end up loving your work when others don't. I suppose we're all just waiting for the 'one'... in which you could argue there's always more than one who wants you.


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