Sunday, March 13, 2011

Balancing Your Writing Time

How do you balance your writing time, with your other time? Whether it be personal time, family time, work time, game time, grandkid time, heck any time... How do you do it?

The only way that I can do it, is to pick a particular time to day to write, budget myself a specified amount of writing time, and hide from everyone else. That's the only way I can make it work.

My writing time, is lunchtime. There are days when my lunches get taken up with meetings with other co-workers, friends, or my spouse, but otherwise, it's pen to notebook or fingers on the keyboard.

I know there are some people that wake up at 0-dark-hundred, fall out of bed, and immediately start typing. I can't do that. I at least have to have my coffee first. I would also need a shower to get the brain cells warmed up before I can start flogging them.

There are other people that wait until the kids and spouse are asleep and write in the middle of the night. I can't do that either. Once it gets past 9 pm or so, my brain has already packed his bag and is headed for the door.

So that leaves me no choice. I have to carve out time during the day, and by carve I mean with the same finesse as I have when I use a chainsaw.

How about you? When are you the most efficient writer? When are you the least efficient? How do you balance your writing time?


  1. I am really bad and fitting it in. It's always the last thing on my list. What I usually end up doing is sticking in ear plugs and writing while my son watches tv or plays a video game for a half hour or so.

  2. I recently gave up a few of my regular personal/social things (like the gym for one example) and slated that as "writing only" time. I may not be able to fit into any of my jeans by the end of the year...but I'll have this WIP finished!

  3. I found trying to find time was impossible, so I instead made time for my writing. Film watching and game playing has taken a back seat and I now write instead. It's always late in the evening though I'd rather write in the day. That annoying "day job" thing gets in the way...

  4. I would love to be more consistent and organized about writing time. Lately when I have time to write, I inevitably answer the call of Blogger and Facebook first, which leaves about fifteen minutes to buckle down and write. Oops! I hadn't thought about sacrificing something, though. Seeing the examples set out by you and your commenters, I think it's time I made some changes. Thanks for the reality check.

  5. I used to be so good - after reading "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron I followed her instructions to do three "morning pages" a day. Sadly that's deteriorated into the odd quixotic blog post. You've given me lots of things to think about... I need some discipline!

    Great blog - inspiring stuff!

  6. I have a childlock on my internet. It lets me in 10am for 2 hours and 8pm for 2 hours. If I don't have this I can't write anything. I am also not allowed a smartphone...

    Not a day without a line.

  7. Most of my stuff is written late in the evening as it is when the rest of my family are asleep and its perfectly quiet enough for me to think.

    Either this or when I find some time to hide while at work, I pull a tattered sheet from my pocket and scribble as much down as I can before I hear footsteps.

    Finding time is always difficult though as unfortunately everything else seems to come first.
    I really should be more disciplined when it comes to my writing time.


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