Monday, February 28, 2011

E-book Reader

Do you have one yet? Are you going to get one soon?

In my case the answers to these are yes, and no.

As I have mentioned before I have both an iPad and a Kindle. For just the pure reading experience, you're going to have to pry the Kindle out of my hands with a crowbar. The iPad works well, as long as you are indoors.

I actually "prefer" reading books on a Kindle, versus one of those things made out of dead trees, and it's for a very simple reason. Because I read a lot in bed on my side, I hate fighting to keep the dead tree thing open to the right page, and having to shift my hands about while trying to go to the next page. On my Kindle I simply push the button and I'm on the next page. It seems trivial, but for me it lets me read longer without getting tired.

The Kindle is also light enough that I don't necessarily have to hold it on my lap, when reading sitting up. That's not true of the iPad. It weighs enough that it has to be lap mounted or very quickly your arms feel like there is a elephant hanging off the end.

Books on the Kindle are more expensive than in paperback, but a lot less than hardback. I justified the price of my original Kindle based on the savings due to hardback book costs, and it has already paid for itself.

For an author that might seem sacrilegious, I mean we should be supporting our industry, right? But here's the deal. No matter how much we may or may not want to see the industry moving toward the e-book, it's going to happen. It just a matter of time.

For me, the Kindle has also been quite a boon to my sales. I self published a book a couple years back and it did "OK" in the dead tree version, but the sales of my Kindle version are easily 10X and continuing to climb.

Yes, I am a techno-geek and always one of the first with new gadgets, but the Kindle is one of the ones that I truly use every day.

How about you? Have you made the plunge? When are you going to? because I can tell you, it's not if.


  1. You're going to have to pry the paper copies of books out of my dead, cold hands to get me to buy a dedicated e-reader. My brother got a kindle for Christmas and he let me try it out. So totally not a fan in any way, shape or form. I know I'm a dinosaur.

    But you're going to have to force me into the e-reader thing before I do. For I will not go willingly.

  2. Stephanie, you are not alone, at least not yet, but I think change is coming at a blinding pace.

  3. I've been e-reading for over a year on other devices, and I got my Kindle last summer.

    I prefer reading books on my phone, though, since I read a lot on the go. I use my Kindle mainly for e-ARCs, reading manuscripts from critique partners, and reading my own work for revisions and edits. I'm so glad to have it, both for reading and writing.


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