Wednesday, January 5, 2011

eBook Thoughts and a Random Bit of Linking

So, um where did 2010 go?

But I digress.


Nathan Brandsford did a holiday repeat of a post he made in 2007, which was a year before I started following blogs about writing. And boy-howdy (boy-howdy being a technical term), did I love it. Let me link it to you, my friends:

Holiday Repeat: Writing Advice From Some Old Guys At My Gym

Oh, my gosh. If ever there was a point about fiction writing, that is it. Choices. It's all about the choices.

Speculative Goodness

My latest book review is up on my blog, DarkShip Thieves by Sarah A. Hoyt. For the classic science fiction fan in you, check it out. It was fantastical and quite lovely, and any writer dabbling in speculative fiction would find this book worthy of study.


Blah blah blah, ebooks blah blah blah, 2011 ebooks blah blah blah.

Just wanted to get the obligatory stuffs out there. All the other kids are doing it!

Anyway, little family get together showed ebooks inroads in a major way. Here's how the reading went down over the family visit:
  • Nana: Reads from new Kindle
  • Papa: Reads from old Kindle
  • Sister in Law: Reads from new Kindle
  • Me: Reads from paperback and Windows Phone
  • Wife Unit: Reads from trade paperback
  • Son: Reads from trade paperback
  • Brother in Law: Hasn't read or seen a Harry Potter movie or book. Totally discounted as a family heretic
  • Niece: Chewed on her electronic book that goes "moo" when you press a button.
Both my son, wife and I are really interested in the Kindle, but none of us are very happy with the current book lending restrictions. For example, a book publisher has to grant you permission to lend the book.

Then, that publisher sets the terns like "lend this book once for 14 days."

Well, Mr. Publisher, that doesn't cut it over here at Chez Pacheco. There are three of us, soon to be four, that could read the same book in our house. We are not going to buy four copies of the same book. EVER. Not even if the hardcover is $18 and the electronic version is $4, for a savings of $2 between the four of us.

What I read on my phone is very limited. Basically, if there is a chance someone else in the house, or one of my friends, will want to read the book... I don't buy an electronic copy of it even though I love reading from my phone.

I can see the future of electronic books from my house. And that future for us is four DRM-free book readers loaded with DRM-free books. There is no other way for my book reading family. And that goes back to choices. Remove my choices, we remove our spending dollars.

God, I love capitalism.


  1. I just read that your brother in law has never read a Harry Potter book?? O__O
    Harry Potter is my childhood and if a person has not read it yet then they are missing out on life.
    I'm just horrified.

    oh well
    Hey, if you have time please check out my blog at

  2. im reading on my iphone
    its great but maybe a kindle would be great too

    make sure to check out my blog

  3. Hello there, I'm the photographer of the photo used at the end of this article. My photo has Creative Commons Attribution license, which means you MUST give credit when using my image. The original is here:

    Please either add a link to that or add my name, Orin Zebest.

  4. Thanks Orin for the note, I did both.

    I really like the color theme captured by the photo, and of course the model.


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