Monday, December 27, 2010

Taking The Plunge

I've been threatening to do this for a while now, but I finally pulled the trigger, stepped off the cliff, lit the fuse, yanked out the pin, and a hundred other cliches for it. I hired a professional editor for my latest WIP.

She came highly recommended from a couple of my favorite authors. She does work for them all of the time, so I felt confident she would be able to help me.

I sent her the first 50 pages, physically wincing when I hit the send button on my email. You see for me, it was kind of like waiting for the doctor to stick me in the rear with a needle. Yes he needs to do it, but that doesn't mean it's still not going to hurt.

I know that my manuscript is going to come back with more holes in it than Bonnie and Clyde and I'll probably spend the next couple of months trying to come up with fixes for divots that would put the Grand Canyon to shame, but it needs to be done.

So it was with this attitude that I patiently waited for a response on my first 50 pages.

And I was shocked.

She actually liked it, well at least to the point that she was willing to take me on as a customer. In fact the changes that she suggested weren't that bad at all. They were mainly to tighten my manuscript up a little, OK a lot, but it wasn't like I had to rewrite the whole darn thing.

So she's supposed to get me the completed change list early this week so that I can make the changes. I'm excited but I am worried about one thing.

I hope that the modified manuscript will still fit in my inbox.

Happy writing everyone. Hopefully next week I'll be able to write about the result of the carnage.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Have a Merry Book Christmas!

One year, someone close to me gave me the book Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury.

I had been feeling moody and blue, and probably a bit sorry for myself as teens are wont to do.

I loved that book. I read it in one sitting. Then, a few days later, I read it again. But more so, I loved the fact that someone gave me the book. It seemed to me it was the perfect book. I wasn't twelve, like the main character of the book.

But for just a little bit, from this gift of a book, I felt twelve, I really did, and the next day, I smiled.

This is why we write.

Merry Christmas everyone, from the intrepid staff of Adventures in Writing!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Delirious Contest

As I mentioned last week, I will be sending a lucky someone the ARC for Daniel Palmer's latest thriller Delirious. All you have to do is be the first to correctly answer a question in the comments for this post.

Are you ready?

Daniel works with a sports team to help raise money for vets suffering from PTSD. What is the name of that program?

First correct answer will receive Daniel's book.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm still Delirious

In my last post I talked about Daniel Palmer's upcoming new book Delirious.

I finally got a few minutes to start reading the ARC and nearly choked on my Cheerios. It seems that great minds think alike.

The setting for his first scene is one of my favorite places, and a place that is bigger than life in my current book as well. He set it at the center of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I have posted about this before, but it really is an amazing place. Perched almost three hundred feet above the water you have a magnificent view of San Francisco, or as most locals call it, "the city" to your right.

Straight ahead is Alcatraz, or as also commonly known as "the rock". To your left is Angel Island, one of my favorite places to hike. Behind you to the left is the Marin Headlands and in the distance Mt Tamalpais or as it's known "Mt Tam".

Continuing around behind you is the entrance to the Pacific Ocean also known as "the Pacific Ocean".

On a clear day about 30 miles out to sea you can just make out the Farallon Islands, a few seal covered rocks that are home to some of the best Ling Cod fishing in the area ( as long as you don't mind getting seasick from the swells).

It is truly a magical place and the reason that I picked it. I am sure that factored into Daniel's decision as well.

If you ever make it out to the Bay Area make sure you walk to the center of the bridge, you won't regret it. Who knows, you might see me there.

Don't forget that Daniel's contest is still running over at Daniel's website.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Contest That Will Leave You Delirious

This summer at ThrillerFest I made friends with new author Daniel Palmer. Turns out we had a lot in common, we were both aspiring authors and we both worked in the high tech area. At the time, Daniel was unpublished, but now I am happy to announce that Daniel's debut high-tech thriller Delirious will come out in February of 2011.

Way to go Daniel!

Because Daniel is a high tech kind of guy, he plans to use a high tech approach to the promotion and launch of the book. His plan is to use Twitter, Facebook, and blogs like this one to get the word out. But he hasn't stopped there. Oh no, he's also come up with some fun and interesting new ways to let readers know about the book.

One of those is a blog from one of the main characters (Charlie) that gives readers a taste of the book before purchase. This blog will provide back story about a number of the characters to whet your interest before you get to read the book. What's interesting is that each blog post also includes a piece of embedded technology. Your job (if you choose to accept it) is to assemble the pieces and solve the puzzle. In fact, the assembled pieces form the prologue of the book, so as a benefit, you get to read it before you get the book. But wait, there's more.... (sorry, couldn't resist)... The first 10 people that successfully complete the puzzle will also receive a free, yes you heard that right, a free copy of the book.

So if you want a free copy of the book, watch the posts on the Invision blog over the next few weeks. The first 10 people to correctly figure out the prologue and send a copy to Daniel' email will receive a free copy of the book.

Here's the back cover teaser:

Delirious is a techno-thriller that follows Charlie Giles, an electronics superstar who just sold his start-up company, InVision, Inc. to a large Boston firm. Charlie is at the top of his game in the digital world, until it all begins to spiral out of control. His job and inventions are pulled out of his possession, his family is targeted, and his former employees are being murdered. All signs point to Charlie as the killer. Soon, Charlie doubts whether he’s the cause of his own destruction, or whether he really is the victim of a diabolical attack. In the race to save his own life, Charlie realizes that nothing, not even his own mind, can be trusted.

Oooh, sounds good Daniel, can't wait to read it.

I'm going to have a contest of my own for an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Delirious next week. So stay tuned for details.