Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cheap and Easy

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Anthony's Writer-Centric Blog Roundup!

A smattering of some of the blogs I read.

Tonya R. Moore
Writer Tonya R. Moore kicks some major blogging ass. She is also a very good speculative fiction writer. Check out her stuff. Don't add her beautiful site to your RSS reader. Go there. Now.

Larry Correia
From POD to the New York Time Bestseller's List, Larry Correia not only writes charter-driven, pulse pounding action-centric urban fantasies, he has a mega platform. Remember how I said several times don't post political crap on your blog? Well, Larry's political rants (libertarian centric) are epic in nature, and that's partly how he attracted his initial following. A professional gun nut, Larry is a good study in platform. Everyone else is a piker.

Miss Snark
Oh, Miss Snark, how I love thee! How to learn to write and sell novels:

1. Read the entire Miss Snark Archives from start to finish
2. Don't be a dork
3. Keep. Writing. And. Never. Stop.

Pub Rants
Agent Kristin Nelson not only runs what I consider one of the best agent blogs of all time, but also has a killer newsletter you can subscribe to and look forward to every month.

Who Said Pixies Are Rational Creatures?
Rachael de Vienne, author of Pixie Warrior, is a top-notch researcher and an author of lovely pixie prose. Anybody with a fine appreciation for a look backwards via pictures, artwork and thoughtful posts will like this blog.

The Graveyard Shift
"Lee Lofland is a veteran police investigator who began his law-enforcement career working as an officer in Virginia's prison system. He later became a sheriff's deputy, a patrol officer, and finally, he achieved the highly-prized gold shield of detective. Along the way, he gained a breadth of experience that's unusual to find in the career of a single officer."

If you write modern murder mysteries, his blog is required reading. Every week I learn new things on modern police procedure by reading his blog. Priceless.

The Blood-Red Pencil
Best. Editing. Blog. Ever.

Writer Beware
Not only will Victoria Strauss keep you informed of current shenanigans, she also has her finger on the pulse of both the writing and publishing community.

What did I do before YouTube? Oh, that's right. I watched stupid crap on cable.

While there is an enormous pile of crap on YouTube, it takes all of a half-hour, if that, to learn how to expertly surf its golden electronic goodness bits.


  1. Whoa - The Blood-Red Pencil huh? Will definitely check it out. Also, thanks for the mention. :)

  2. Unless there's some resurrection elsewhere, the Miss Snark blog ceased adding new content in 2007. Are you talking about re-reading the back issues?

  3. Tony, that's exactly what I am suggesting. Start from the beginning and read the archives until the blog ends.


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