Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Uhhh...Go Here

I am burned out, sorry. If you'd like to read one of my posts I put up today as part of my Cinders Blog Book Tour, go to Jamie DeBree's blog - The Variety Pages.

A preview:

I think, oftentimes, we writers don't give ourselves permission to write exactly what we want to write. Don't get me wrong - you're writing still has to meet the standards of quality that publishing a novel requires, but you should never compromise what you want to write just because you want to get published so badly you'd cut off your right toe. 

Yeah, go read and comment because I don't seem to be getting a huge, huge turnout for my blog tour like I was hoping. I'm very grateful to those who are participating, though!


  1. I've been hitting every spot on the tour, though I'm not going to Jamie's because my computer thinks her website has malware and I'm not taking the chance.

    I haven't commented so far because I didn't want to sound like some kind of dorky Cinders fan boy since I've already talked so much about it, but I hadn't thought about the fact that the people hosting will see hits from drop-bys on their analytics, but without comments you would have no way of knowing.

    Sorry about that...

  2. Aw, thanks Nevets!!! I don't need a bunch of comments. I was just hoping for more people to sign up for the prizes so it's more of a competition, but I'm thinking those aren't really "GUY" prizes, so why would you sign up for them? Haha!

    No worries, and thanks so much for participating in your own way and reading!

  3. Well, and because I'm a guy I only just now thought, "Huh, you know what, my wife might like those prizes." d'oh!

  4. Sorry your 'puter doesn't like my site, Nevets...there isn't any malware (I design web sites for a living - it my just be my 3rd party search bar setting off your alarms), but I understand your hesitance.

    Hope you get some rest time today, Michelle! :-) Love your post...thanks for that!

  5. Jamie, yeah, I dug into the warning some more. It was the search bar, and was mostly guilt-by-association. I went ahead and clicked on through. :)

  6. Saw that - groovy...and thanks for letting me know. I should probably just remove that, so it doesn't scare others away. :-)

  7. Burned out? Hey, perhaps that explains my lack of blogging lately!! What? I blogged today? Why, yes I did.

    I understand completely. Sometimes, we need to step away from things for a bit and let normalcy return to our lives. Well, as much normalcy as is ever possible. Ha!



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