Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something More Solid

I was recently in a small bookstore with a couple friends, and as we prowled around the aisles, I kept looking for books I had read. My friends and I strolled into the YA/Children's section of the store and they immediately started pointing to books they had read. They said what they liked and asked if I had read them. No, no, no, yes, no. First, I don't have a ton of time to read, and second, YA isn't my preferred genre. Still, there are several on that shelf I'd like to read now because of what my friends said about them.

I then said, okay, you guys, let's go to the section of the store where I like to read. So we wandered and wandered and wandered until finally we found the literary adult section. You know, where the classics are. One of my friends turned to me and asked me for recommendations in this section since she'd like to read more literary works. I started pointing to different books.

"I loved that one."

"Oh, you might like this one. It's one of my favorites."

"I LOVE the writing in this one."

And I thought, you know, what a lame excuse to recommend a book. It's not lame to love a book, but I think we sometimes forget to base our recommendations on something more solid. I know my friend Davin has often recommended books he didn't necessarily enjoy, but that he knows another person might like for various reasons.

"Here, Mom, read this Pulitzer Prize-Winning book, The Road, because I really enjoyed it. Forget the fact that it's ultra-boring and you'll put it down halfway through. I liked it. You will, too."

I guess it was worth a shot.


  1. I appreciate all your recommendations - and what better recommendation is there than - I loved this book!

  2. Thanks, Mary. :) I think "I loved this book!" is a FANTASTIC recommendation on a certain level, but more should be added onto that, like, "I loved this book because..." I don't remember doing that with you guys in the bookstore. I just remember saying I loved stuff, lol. :)

  3. There's a reason I almost never recommend anything to anyone. lol

  4. I used to never read anything anyone recommended to me. I don't know why. I had this block. A friend recommended House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende, and told me, "You would love this book. It's your kind of book." I nodded, uh huh, and didn't read it for ten years. Then when I read it, my mind exploded, and I wondered why I had deprived myself of it for ten years. So now, when someone recommends something, I do try to read it.

  5. Nevets: Haha, yeah I hesitate often because I have some SUPER WEIRD tastes...but, from recommendations I've made, people have found some really great new books they love, too. It's usually worth a shot. I just try to be as open and honest about why I loved the book or hated it.

    Tara: The sad thing is that 10 years really isn't that long. I have some books on my shelf that are that old...still waiting for me to read them, and a whole bag of them under my bed - ones my mom recommended to me. I really need to read those. Sigh. It will happen eventually.

  6. I have pretty straight-forward tastes, problem is, I don't know many other people with the same, so if I recommend something, I'm pretty sure it's a problem.


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