Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Work in Progress, First Paragraph!

We haven't done this in awhile: everyone reply and post your first paragraph to your work in progress!

I'll go first. Contemporary YA:
When she started kissing, Sarah calculated it had been an entire year, to the day, of avoiding chocolate in order to regulate her stupid blood sugar problem. French kissing a boy for the first time, unfortunately—or maybe fortunately, she couldn’t decide which—was chocolate. Sweet, warm chocolate. Over French vanilla ice cream. Sprinkled with pine nuts.


  1. From: "MAGUS"

    A thick odor of birch-bark tar and decaying barnacles soured the night air along the dry-docks of the master shipwrights. The rhythmic swells of the summer sea pushed massive hulls up and down against the moorings, groaning like ghostly whales in the surf. The last few crates of a late-night offload reached the pier and the tired deckhands set out toward the nearest barrel house to drink themselves to sleep. In the shadows, not far away, a figure waited.

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  2. Very nice Ken. I like the imagery, and I'm curious to know who the figure is, and what they want.

    I posted my first page up a few posts back

    Who's next?

  3. BTW Anthony... yours is fantastic.

  4. Anthony, what a great paragraph!!! I love the pine nuts.

    And Ken, great job on yours too. I love barnacles. :)

    Um, I would post something here except that I don't currently have a work in progress. How weird is that...?

  5. Wow Ken I could so see everything so perfectly..kudos!!!!

    FROM my YA Novel called KInetic

    It’s raining. Not that drizzly mist kind of rain. It’s the kind that soaks through your clothes, makes rivers in the streets, rain that destroys things, and I’m running in it. Running from my life, from the woman I thought was my mother, and running from them. All these years I thought I was a healthy regular teenager.I can’t control this power that is running through my body, burning at my finger tips waiting to ignite again. What if I destroy something? No, I can do this, I have to do this. I will not let them have me. But how long can I run? Where I’m I even going?
    I’m a fugitive.
    I’m a monster.
    I’m an orphan.
    I’m sixteen.
    I’m Emanon Michaels.

  6. I've always liked Ken's opening paragraph.

    Andria, that's a very action-centric first paragraph, good stuff!


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