Monday, July 12, 2010

Thrillerfest Redux

Last year I went to Thrillerfest, and it was awesome. I went again this year, and it was even better. Last year I met a bunch of famous authors, got to pitch to lots of interested agents, and even got to spend a bunch of time with a bunch of fun writers.

This year, I got to do all of that and more.

On Thursday afternoon I pitched my latest novel (see last week's post) to 15 NY agents. Twelve, count'em, twelve loved it and want to see more. The only problem is that it varies as to what they want to see, so I do have a little work ahead of me.

The best part though happened a day earlier. I saw that one of the prime agents that I wanted to talk with (the lovely Barbara Poelle), happened to be one of three ladies putting on a session on crafting a great setting.

A day before the conference Barbara had blogged about her vacation and that she had found this wonderful new drink, called buffalo milk. So before the session began, I approached Barbara to compliment her on her blog, which truthfully, I really do love. (Honest, I'm really not sucking up) (very much). I went on to tell her that I was really sorry, but I didn't bring her any buffalo milk. She loved the comment and we seemed to hit it off well.

She had me pitch my book right there, and loved the pitch. She asked if I participated in social media, had a blog, and I said all of the above. She told me that I didn't have to pitch her at the agent session, she would simply give me her card.

I brought my iPad to the sessions so that I could (play games during boring sessions) take interesting notes, check my email, and browse websites. As it turned out this worked out really well because I brought up this blog on the iPad, and showed it to Barbara after the session was over. She got to read the first page of the new novel, and said it was good.

I was so excited I didn't need coffee the rest of the day.

Amazing how my new novel just happened to be on the blog hug? What great planning. If only it had really happened that way.

There were a number of interesting sessions that I will try to post highlights from over the next few weeks.

I thought I would leave you with a picture of me with a famous author. Unfortunately this blog doesn't have the budget for a real prize, so I'll just reward the first one with the correct answer with the fame and fortune of being first.

Anyone have a guess? (The color of the ceiling plus the lack of ambient light made for some weird flesh tones)


  1. Hey Doug, awesome post!

    I love hearing how networking stories come together.

    If the economy improves so the day job could pay me more, I would love to join you for Thrillerfest next year!

  2. Anthony, that would be great. It really is THE conference to go to if you write anything that could be described as suspense, thriller, or even some mysteries. The quality of agents is outstanding, and the program is excellent.

  3. OK, since no one seems to want to hazard a guess about the author picture, it looks like I will have to throw out a hint. Does looking at the picture give you goosebumps?


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