Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tiny, airless boxes are for trinkets and dead people

Sometimes following a post from Douglas is like being the loud fart in church after the choir has belted out some superb vocals. I mean, how do I follow up from CJ West who came here with a great post and actively responded to comments?

Douglas likes kicking puppies. Of this I am sure.

But I digress. Every now and then you come across a blog post so spectacularly awesome, it's like an epic sandwich that comes with extra bacon (for all epic sandwiches has at least some bacon, right? Right?).

Author Maureen Johnson, in Manifesto, lays out the organic nature of the interwebs, and how it is better to give, than to receive.

Check it out.

Print it out and sleep with it under your pillow.

Incorporate it into your genetic code.


  1. I really enjoyed that post you shared, thank you. I'm going to share it on The Lit Lab tomorrow. :)

  2. Anthony you crack me up, but no, I don't like to kick puppies.

    I really like the message of that post. Talking to people as opposed to shouting from the rooftop how great you are. I get enough chest pounding from the TV, I don't need it on the net.

  3. I read the post and thought Maureen had a really powerful message about not being that brand. I'm glad I read your post today, so that I saw Maureen's post, which might have changed my outlook slightly on the publishing and writing world. So, thank you.


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