Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Other Word for Networking Is


I went online with my blog in August 2008. I joined Twitter and then sometime later I joined Facebook. Between the three and today, I have:

  • Found a half dozen non-local critique partners

  • Made online friends with two writers who later went into the writing industry

  • Shared personal email with six published writers

  • Talked to three separate literary agents about things other than book projects

  • Found my political soul mate who was also a writer

  • Had many online discussions with writers both non-published and published

  • Found the writer I adored when growing up, online, and filled my library with her backlist. We exchanged electronic letters, leaving me one very happy reader

  • Learned so many wonderful things I can even begin to describe them all

  • Had an editor out of the blue email me to submit a short story because he liked my blog posts

I could go on.

All I did was go online and try to be honest. I’ve made some mistakes. I tend to babble. Sometimes I’ve bit my tongue so hard I almost had a brain aneurism.

All I did was go online and try to be friendly.

All I did was reach out without asking for things in return.

And I never stopped.

It really is that simple.


  1. Ha ha I love that image, but I also agree. As a writer you need a cruise ship full of persistence to keep moving forward.

  2. good point(s), friend. it's an amazing world out there. and i have to say, even tho i've chosen to put my writing life on hold, that you are one of the most important "I'm grateful for.."s out of the entire on-line experience.

  3. Since joining Twitter, I've made lots of friends and learned a lot about writing & publishing fiction. I took much the same approach you did - show up, be friendly and open.

    Good on ya.


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