Monday, June 14, 2010

In Between Projects

I have two books that I am querying, but both of them need work. The previous work needs a new beginning. As I have said before, the beginning definitely is very important to grab the readers interest, and set the tone to keep your readers captivated to the end.

The beginning of Blind Power, is not good enough. It's almost as if I tacked a scene onto the start that doesn't really fit with how the book gets going. It feels like a prologue, and not necessarily a good one. So it's kind of back to the drawing board on the beginning of that one. I don't think it would take more than a couple of weeks to fix it, but that would take away from working on the current one.

My latest WIP is also suffering from the same problem. It's not nearly as bad, because I learned from that last novel, but it also needs work.

So my problem is I don't know which one to work on. I am going back to ThrillerFest in New York in early July, and I want to pitch the best one. I suspect that my latest one will be the best, but the previous one with a new start, would probably be good as well.

Do you ever go back to previous works, and try to fix them? I have heard that in most cases it probably won't work because there is so much else wrong with the book. It might be better to sell the latest one, and rewrite the previous one for your next novel. I have heard of other writers that have been successful with that approach, so I think that is probably what I am going to do, but the previous one is still tapping me on the shoulder, asking "Hey, what about me?".

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  1. Sometimes what was in a previous manuscript works into something new. This is what happened with my novel that's supposed to get published this summer. Twenty years ago I wrote it as a thesis--supposedly an autobiography but it was really a novel. It was written clumsily, but became the outline for the finished manuscript. So in this case I did go back to a previous book and "fix" it.


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