Monday, May 10, 2010

Kindle or iPad?

I really hate the names of both of these products, I really do. When the Kindle first came out, I wondered who in their marketing department had partied a little too much the night before, and hadn't come prepared to the planning meeting. When the iPad came out, I wondered what they had been smoking.

I usually like product names that reflect the usage of the device, but I guess it's not always possible to get them, or the ones they can use, are just as bad or worse than names that have no hint of the what the product does.

Since I am a gadget geek, I have one of each device. So the burning question is, which do I like better?

It depends.

I absolutely love the Kindle for the pure reading experience. It's light, the screen is fairly sharp, and it truly is visible, even in direct sunlight. For the beach reading experience, the Kindle wins hands down.

Where it doesn't work as well, is for the total book experience. For some of readers, the cover is a big part of the appeal, and it's really hard to get a decent looking cover with only shades of gray. That doesn't really bother me too much, but I do sometimes feel I am missing a little something with my Kindle books.

Where the iPad excels, is for the reading indoors experience. The high resolution screen, the page turning animation, the great color saturation, all make for a nice reading experience. In low light, it can't be beat. It's true you can get a book light for the Kindle and read that way, but I haven't yet found a light that works all that well with the Kindle screen material. I always get a glare.

Where the iPad sucks, is reading outside in the sun. That for me, is not a big deal, since I'm not really a sun worshipper (I don't tan, I turn red and then burst into flames). The other bad thing about the iPad, at least for the moment, is that the prices of the books are definitely higher. I think that this is going to change going forward, but for now, I can still get books cheaper on my Kindle.

So which one do I read on?


The great thing about the iPad is that it can run the Kindle app. So at lunchtime at work, I read my book using the Kindle app on the iPad, and before I go to sleep, I read the same book on the Kindle. The Amazon whispersync technology let's me keep track of the last place I've read from either device, and I can start there the next time I open the book. It's like having your cake and eating it too. I get the best of both worlds.

If I had to pick one, just for reading..........

I would pick the Kindle. But the versatility of the iPad for email, web browsing, mapping, etc. cannot be touched by the Kindle, so if you need that capability too, the iPad would be a good choice.

What about you? Which device do you prefer?


  1. I haven't bought either, yet. I'm still hooked on the feel of the book and turning pages. The iPad page turning animation would be a definite plus for me, but it's screen not working with sunlight would be problematic. I like to read while waiting for people and appointments outside. I know that I'll have to buy one at some point, but today is not that day.

  2. Hi there!

    I like your blog. I signed up to "follow" your blog, and I sure would appreciate a "follow-back" and visit to my blog, "Cynde's Got The Write Stuff" (

    I haven't tried the IPad yet, but maybe you should take a look at the review I did of my "Kindle" on my blog, "Cynde's Got The Write Stuff" ( There are a lot of things that the "Kindle" does that maybe you aren't aware of. And...the "Kandle" booklight is GREAT! I use it all the time.

    Plus...I have a CONTEST still going on that doesn't end until May 16th, and the prize is a $20.00 gift certificate to Amazon. Check it out, OK?

    Nice to "meet" you!

    Cynde ("Cynde's Got The Write Stuff")

  3. Hey Cynde,

    Nice to meet you as well. Always nice to find other writers online. I will check out your blog and sign up.

    I'm also interested in the Kandle booklight that you mentioned. I might have to get one of those


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