Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Fricasse!!

So .. as you might have known, three weeks ago I SOLD MY BOOK.


My debut!

Yes, POSSUM SUMMER will be released from Holiday House in 2011!

And then, one and a half weeks ago, MY BABY CAME. She was not planned to come at this time, so I've been without an internet for awhile!

It's so bizarre. I've wanted a baby ever since my hubs and I got together, we just never could make it happen. And I wanted a book, MY book, published loooong before that, but ditto. I don't know which was harder, and I don't know HOW I managed to have both of them happen in the same freakin' month! Ha! Bizarre.

But now that we're home, and everything is becoming the new normal that it is, I wanted to say (for her) HELLO WORLD. HELLO WRITERS.

I'll be back to normal next week! I hope. Or I'll schedule it!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Holy garbanzo beans! Super huge congrats on EVERYTHING! Maybe I can copy you slightly... as in getting an agent, and getting my sister's baby into the world all at the same time... which would be in June, assuming that my sis' baby arrives when she's supposed to...

  2. Congrats!! On the baby AND the book. Selling a book is an important step, but there is nothing more important than family. Glad to hear everyone is doing fine.


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