Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It always surprised me when I receive private comments on a post; mostly because the posts I think I will get comments provide a chorus of chirps and crickets, and the posts I think aren’t my best generate correspondence. My post from last week was popular with my email inbox, and it reminded me of an email I received early last year.

Did you know that book editors read comments on writing blogs? I didn’t either, until one emailed me cold and asked to submit a short for an anthology he was putting together. Like, for a book. He liked my voicing on the comments I was leaving on various blogs.

Wait… what?

Voicing? I had just learned what voicing was! On comments? Me?


Now, this was for a genre I normally don’t truck in, but, corporate researcher I am—I sleuthed that not only was his request legitimate, but he also was a respected editor in his field. I did what any good little budding writer would do: I put my work-in-progress on hold, wrote that short, and submitted that sucker with a thank you note for his kind reach out.

Alas, I didn’t make the cut, but then again I was competing against industry veterans. But it was more fun than a basket full of kittens.

This isn’t a great economy, and because I like the stability of work, I’m spending more time working this year than last. This leaves less time for writing blog posts, but, to be blunt, I’ll be dead before I stop reading other blogs and commenting.

Commenting is give and take, and I give much more than I get out of it. I’m in it for the engagement of other thinking people, not because I want another editor to ask me to submit (although, I certainly hope that happens again!). Commenting, at very least, lets the author know I’ve read her article and thought it interesting. I wish I had more time for the interwebs, I would comment even more! On the other end of the commenting cha-cha, a wonderful correspondence is born. Friends are made.

I challenge everyone to provide more commentary to the writing websites you visit. Don’t just comment on this post (unless you want to!), but reach out to your favorite places and comment either publicly or privately to the people gathered there.



  1. I shall endeavor to maintain the literary level of my commentary to the highest standard, so perhaps an editor may find my voicing near perfection. Many thanks for the erudition.

  2. OMG, a basket full of kittens.
    This is really the time to distinguish between a want and a need.


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