Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two Month Check-Up

I'm not a hard-core "January is the month to make New Year's Resolution" sort of girl. In fact, I'm pretty much of the belief that any day is a good day to make goals. This way, I am able to evaluate my needs, focus my resources, and head in the direction I want to go through-out the entire year. Who needs to wait until January to do that?

This being said, awareness of one's goals and destinations -- and doing frequent checks -- allows one to tweak or realign or detour until the goal is back in sight.

So, for all of you who created writing goals this past January (or whenever), where are you? How are you doing? Are you on track?

If you're not, what can you do to get back on the pathway? Is it your goal that needs fiddled with? Your Action Plan? Your choices?

If you haven't set writing goals, it's not too late. Without a distinct end in mind or a plan to get there, you're likely to end up treading water. The writing world is a fun place to be...but only if you're going somewhere.

Where are you going?


  1. I had all kinds of writerly goals for 2010. January 1st arrived and I was full of ambition. Sadly, I've been seriously derailed. I'm not going anywhere...yet. But I am determined to get back on track!

  2. "Where are you going?"

    I'm going home to write, kick the dog out of my chair, smack the wife on the ass as she walks by (giving her a lecherous wink), rub the cat's fur the wrong way, and then trounce the kids at a vicious game of Bananagrams while wondering if the 1893 or the 1975 bottle of Maderia would be good with this Cuban cigar rolled on the thighs of a virgin?

    Or did you mean where I am going tomorrow?

    Sadly, work.

  3. I just made a similar post at my blog too. I told myself that this would be the year I would get may act in shape and do a bunch of writing. But, it took me until mid-February to actually get started.


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