Friday, February 12, 2010

Hope and Dreams

Happy Friday!

I love posting on Fridays. I love remembering I *need* to post on Fridays, too. Sometimes baby brain makes this second love a problem. Like last week. Sorry.

So today I'd like to ask you - in a perfect world, with a perfect book, and a perfect book deal, as well as with your perfect agent...what one thing would you want most in the world? What would you get with your well-deserved gains?

Let's set aside reality for now. Let's look at the one thing, just for you, that you would purchase with your gigantic, humungous, ridiculous advance. (hee) Dream big!

Here, I'll go first.

This is mine. I adore Sweden, and while I wouldn't necessarily want to live there in the winter, the idea of a summer cottage (Red, of course, with blue and white shutters), blatting goats, honking geese and the wide wilderness of the moors there to go hiking through...ah, bliss. BLISS!

I would go there in the summer and take the kids/cats/hubs along. They'd have that one golden place that you always seem to remember having as an adult from when you were a kid, I'd be in my happy place, and my hubs would be unplugged from the internet (tho we'd have it, natch) and able to sleep on a hammock underneath whispering ash trees as a renewal.

*happy sigh*

That is what I want most in the world.

You? What would you get?


  1. That is a beautiful picture. I can just see your Swedish summer cottage, straight out of a Carl Larsson painting! My dreams include a cozy writing studio and a couple hours snatched away from the chaos each day. And of course trips to Ireland, Greece and Romania wouldn't be all bad either.

  2. Der,
    for me its saturday,,,I dont have to go to work...can sleep late...and dream about a whole lot of things..


  3. I'd like to have a book come out every year.

  4. If you ever saw Stanley Kubrick's version of Stephen King's The Shining then you've seen the way I want my house built and designed. And, I would want an indoor pool to go swimming in whenever I want. And, just for the sheer joy it would bring me, I would like to be able to produce about four novels a year.

  5. I would buy a Piper Malibu Meridian. It's an airplane.

  6. Ooh...god question. I want three things:
    1. A house with a small garden, one goat and a few chickens, on a cliff in norther California.
    2. A cabin a la Secret Window, probably in NorCal as well.
    3. The ability to travel as much as I want, in the style to which I aim to become accustomed. (IE- no more hostels and BoGo pub dinners, though those things do have their place.)

    Cute farmhouse, by the way! Loving the blue shutters.

  7. No problem!

    This is what I want most. I would travel to Jamaica and to certain locales in Mexico. There, I would wake up to a fresh cup of coffee and write descriptions. I would make notes of the color of the water and the way in which the tide comes and goes.

    I would listen, closely, to the accent of natives and write sentences to reflect it. And then, I would walk barefoot in the sand, and write sentences to describe that feeling. I would enjoy meals endemic to the area and speak the local language.

    God Bless You,



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