Saturday, January 23, 2010


Heroes have 'em.
Villains have 'em.

But are they necessary, and do they add much to the story?
Do you write them into your fiction? And why?
Do you tend (as I do) to fall in love with the characters you invent, and are you able to kill them off, when necessary?


  1. I don't necessarily think of any of my characters as a sidekick, but if I really do look at my latest WIP, one of the characters could almost be one. He is friends with my protagonist, and needs to be rescued. Whether or not he is, well you'll have to read the story.

  2. I fall in love with my characters. Especially the side-kicks. Killing them off is like killing part of myself, really.

  3. @Douglas: Well, I will read it!

    @Faith: I feel that way about some characters, too.

  4. In my latest WIP, my FMC's sidekick starts out bad and winds up good. My MMC's sidekick starts out good and ends up bad.
    I definitely think they can really challenge the MC and add a needed dimension to the story.


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