Saturday, January 30, 2010


A few weeks ago I posted a question about prologues, about whether or not they should be included as part of a book, and readers of this blog had a lot of different opinions! Well, I because I recently finished a book with a good epilogue, I'd like to know if people out there generally take a kinder attitude toward epilogues than they do toward prologues.

As a reader, when I come to really care about the characters and feel invested in their stories, I like to find out by way of an epilogue what happened to them after the close of the book. How about you? Are you an epilogue person?


  1. I usually find epilogues to be entertaining.

  2. I usually enjoy them, though I'm leery about including them in my own stories. I hate to wear out my welcome. Maybe it's a confidence issue!

  3. If I feel strongly about the characters, they can be great for adding some nice happy ending feelings. If I don't care about the characters, that's a different story :-)

  4. I feel similar about this as I do to movies that just stop after the climax. I always ask myself what happens next, and it just irritates me if the story ends right after the climax. Novels that have epiloges I find on a whole are good when the epiloge helps to round out the stories and catch those last few threads. I also like to use epilogues in my work to help set up the beginning of the next work if its a series.

  5. I go back and forth on this, sometimes I feel it is necessary to wrap things up, but sometimes I believe it should be left open-ended. Each story should be treated differently, at least I think so :)


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