Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Online Friends Not Forgotten

I always find an approaching new year somewhat funny. I live in the corporate world where we exist on the fiscal year rather than the calendar year. Sometime around June, now that’s the end of the year!
I find myself getting reflective because other people are simply being reflective.
One thing that keeps coming into my brain, are writers friends who disappear online.
People disappear online all the time. The job, the family, other interests that come up, it’s a difficult world to persist in.
When a writer goes dark, this is different.
People who love writing have an obvious knack with words. They express themselves with more emotion, and in their expressiveness, I feel I know them better, especially the writers with a natural voice flowing from their fingers as easy as they breathe.
I miss these people. It feels like a friend dropped off the grid. Sure, we’ll exchange email, but what I miss is the way they expressed themselves on any topic, really. This missing is like the occasional itch you can’t scratch.
That leads to wondering: do I do the same thing? I hope not.
As we head into the new (calendar!) year, let us all resolve to set aside some time to connect and grow. The world today is a shaky place, but our online friends are our friends.
Sometimes, the digital divide is not a divide at all.


  1. Beautifully said, Anthony. Thanks for noting what a treasure our online writing friends can be.

  2. Nice thoughts! I feel like times of writing and connecting come and go. It's hard to be consistent. I started meeting other writers online because writing on its own can be so isolating. Other times I feel overwhelmed by how much time it takes to connect and I have to pull back, at least temporarily.

  3. ...indeed...

    and yet...the warm pull of a friend is sometimes all that's needed. i hope i'm as aware -- i hope i can be that warmth, that pull, when absence shifts through the universe like a solitary snow flake.

  4. Love that picture! And, what a wonderful resolution. I've learned so much from visiting the blogs of my online friends last year and expect to learn even more in 2010.

  5. Great pic of the kitties. I know what you mean about feeling like you know writer bloggers. I feel that it is a lot like reading a memoir, but in real time rather than years down the road.


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