Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Negotiating Christmas

Last year, hubby canceled Christmas. This made me delirious with joy. Instead of busying myself with decorations, Christmas trees, cards, gifts, holiday candies and goodies (like I ever bake), I was able to focus entirely on writing.

This did not make me popular with the in-laws.

In fact, the Christmas card we received read, "This has been an interesting Christmas." And then it was signed. Nothing more.

On the other hand, I totally rocked in the writing scene. Two straight weeks of Christmas Break. Two straight weeks of unabashed writing from 7 am until 4pm, when hubby got off work. Oh yeah. AM totally doing the happy dance.

So, this year, guilt nibbles at my soul. Christmas isn't about making me happy...

Thus, I am dutifully planning Time with the In-Laws.

How do you negotiate Christmas? Still get your writing time in? Keep peace in the family?


  1. I try to keep Xmas as low ket as poss as I can't be doing with the extra expense or Christmas mania that seems to descend from October to January!

    I used to love an all singing and all dancing Xmas with all the trimmings but my enthusiasm has waned over the years. I do make an effort for my young daughter and she loves it. But I'm getting a little worried as my hubby is whistling Xmas tunes and is being happy - this is the guy who is usually the original Grinch at this time of year!!

    He's working nights over Xmas week till Xmas Eve so I'll have the time in the evenings to write and watch a bit of Xmas TV - bliss.

    I hope you and yours have a great time too.

    Julie xx

  2. I can always write anyway and if I take an occasional day off I don't stress. But I'm with you on cancelling Christmas. By this point in the month all I can see are rocks ahead. (I know I'll change my mind somewhere around 5 pm on Friday.)
    Happy Holidays anyway!

  3. Always a difficult balancing act. I've been juggling this one since my first Christmas as hostess at the age of nineteen, and I still can't get it right! Good luck. :-)


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