Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jingle bells

So, as I sit here and copy/paste this into Blogger, it's about -10 C and snowing. People hurry through the streets with their noses stuck into their scarves, bundled to the eyeballs and over. But they'll still find the gumption to go to the Christmas market and drink some mulled wine.

I think winter is my favourite of seasons ... but not necessarily my favourite *writing* season. I like to see things outside my window, and with the sun starting to set at 3 pm I only get miserable and depressed. (And that's if the overcast snowy sky even lets you see the sun starting at around 8).

I think my favourite time to write is fall, when everything is golden and smells so nice.

You? What's your favourite season to write?

(and is it SNOWING where you are?)


  1. My favourite time to write? Wish I could say, but having to finish my children's books means that my favourite time has to be every day and as long as I can keep going whether inspired or not. You get used to this after a while and look forward to meeting your little characters on a daily basis. Very sad when you have to say good-bye and move on. Being an historical fiction writer, my 'moving on' is often from one century to another and very confusing at first :-) Loved your blog. Hugs..

  2. My favorite season AND my favorite time to write is Fall. I LOVE FALL! I love the colors, the smells, the anticipation of a new school year starting and the approaching holiday season. The summer heat has cooled, but the biting cold of winter hasn't arrived yet. What could be more perfect? :)

  3. Spring is lovely -- new life, fresh renewed energy and that pretty lime green tint to the leaves when they are tiny and new.

    But, my best writing comes in Jan and Feb -- too cold to be enticed outside and too poor from the holidays to go anywhere. Might as well write ;)

  4. In general my favourite season is fall but it's not when I do the most writing. Spring's new starts inspire me... new buds bursting, growth emerging in the garden, lengthening days... there's an urging to begin again. I make more fresh starts in spring than most people do at New Year's!


  5. beautiful imagery...makes me tolerate the blanket of snow outside with a little more grace :)


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