Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Writing

How did you do over the holidays? Did you get any writing done? Or was it all eating, gift giving, eating, hanging with the family, eating, watching some football, and a little bit of eating?

I actually took some time and got 40 pages typed. As you know I write longhand first, then edit the manuscript while typing it in.

I'm really liking the story so far. I see areas that need improving, scenes that need to be written, but it's coming along well.

I've got almost 13k words typed in so far, aiming for something north of 75k words. It looks like I will have enough from the three notebooks, but I may have to expand a few areas otherwise.

Hopefully next week I'll return with a lot more words.


  1. Your going great with your writing! I didn't do any writing, other than blogging, ober the Xmas period on purpose. I wanted (needed) a break from it and so I took the opportunity to close my notebooks and put down my pen.

    I'm back into writing mode as of today, but I feel the break did me and my writing a lot of good. The break even inspred me, and gave me the energy to have a clear out and tidy my workspace and bookcase!

    Best of luck in 2010 with your writing

    Julie xx

  2. One of my resolutions is to get my story written as well. I'm nearly done planning, so i'll be able to start in 2010!
    I'm so glad to have so much help and personal writing stories from other writers. It's great to know you're doing so well! And with so much words out, too! O-O I wish I had that kind of motivation! Haha
    Enjoy your last few days of 09!

  3. Love hearing about other people's experiences of writing! So motivational. Thanks for this site and happy to have signed up. Steph x

  4. I am in awe you write in longhand. My longhand, after (insert horrible number of years here) of typing looks like the aftermath of two rabid weasels mating with pens strapped to their paws.

  5. I managed to do very little writing but a whole lot of eating over the holidays. Good for you to have actually gotten work done. If I had to write anything in longhand, it would never get written. I admire anyone who can work that way.

  6. After a concentrated NaNoWriMo stint during November I was ready to back off a bit and the Christmas break was perfectly timed. Other than some revisions and blogging I did little writing, but am working myself back into a daily schedule again now. I'm the opposite of you when it comes to using handwriting -- I type the draft, print it out and then revise by hand on the pages. Congratulations on your achievement to date and good luck on the rest.

    Carol Garvin


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