Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Article and a Competition

Newsweek came out with an excellent article about how 'Celebrity' is the newest kind of art form. It sounds silly, especially when I write it like that, but the article really does make a strong case, and makes great points about how perhaps the power of film or the power of novels pale in comparison to the power of a celebrity storyline.

Currently I'm getting my novel ready for the ABNA competition on again. I did it last year and was fortunate enough to place in the quarterfinals with a novel I'd written around seven years ago. This time I hope to get a little further with my newest novel, which I believe is a bit more suited to the competition. Anyone else planning on giving it a go?

Hope everyone's doing well out there.


  1. I hope your novel does well in he comp, Patrick.


  2. Thought about entering, but..... not sure yet.

    Good luck with yours.


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