Friday, November 6, 2009

One week down.


How are you all doing on your NaNo projects? Your writing, even if you were working on a not-so-new MS or a completely brand spankin' new idea?

Here is the NaNo girl, come to stare at you until you confess to me.


I kid, I kid.

Actually I've had a very interesting time of it here lately. My agent got back to me at the end of October and had a request: could I please revise a particular book she had in her possession.

Of course, said I.

And then I wondered about PDS: what would happen to my Sparkly New Idea as I revised the older one? Would it sit quietly? What would I do about NaNo?

Happily, it all works out. Since I am revising hefty chunks of the old MS, plus writing the new MS at the same time (It sounds insane but it's not) I'm managing to get twice the work done in half the time.

So at the end of November I might very well have a completed revised MS as well as an almost finished new MS. Which I love with the fury of a thousand lifetimes; one I haven't loved this much since the MS that got me Super Agent.

Okay. Enough.

And you? Where you at?


  1. Stuck at 19,066.

    But only forward! I insist.

  2. I think you are Super Writer to juggle NaNo and a revision. Woo-hoo! And, if Aimee is stuck at 19K I need a new life. I've written 10,340 words as of last night.

  3. I'm at 12,962, and I have yet to write a word on my novel today. I should have a few hours' worth of time, as soon as I stop blogging!

  4. Good thing I'm not doing NaNo - because of a pleasure trip and other commitments I haven’t written one word on my new manuscript this month. You’ve inspired me, however, so I am going to get busy and try to make up for lost time!

  5. I wanted to try NaNo, but didn't have the courage.
    Good luck!


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