Thursday, November 5, 2009

Magazine Submissions

How long is too long?

Just a question to anyone out there about how long to wait before contacting a magazine? 4 months? 6 months?

Two literary magazines, quite reputable, have kept my stories for both of those times. Should I just accept that they perhaps rejected it and forgot to inform me? Or is there still hope?

Just wondering if anyone out there has gotten an acceptance after six months of waiting? Or any stories (frustrating or inspiring) about submissions to a lit mag would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Everyone advises different things.

    I think 5-6 months is enough, perhaps a quick email saying something along the lines of, "Just wondering if you've had a chance to read my article, X?" Then maybe drop in something like you'd like to take it elsewhere if they don't want it?

    It's a fine line. I'd be worried about pissing them off :S

    Good luck!

  2. In this era of email submissions it's really frustrating not to know if it least it was received. Did they get it? Did it get buried in the queue? I've had a story out to a mag for two months and have no idea. And I worry that asking is pushy. One more reason being a writer is difficult.

  3. I'm still waiting on an essay I submitted in August. So, I guess I need to sharpen my patience skills & hunker down to wait awhile longer.

  4. Check the guidelines. Some magazines routinely keep stories for months on end, even up to a year or more, but this is usually stated in the guidelines. Don't query until after the stated time has passed.


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