Saturday, October 24, 2009

The withdrawl blues

I. Am. Frustrated.

My internet connectivity has been in and out for days, and this despite repeated complaints to the company (which is Comcast, by the way). Even when I have a connection, it's so slow that it takes minutes to load a single page. Minutes. No exaggeration. We had a spell of disconnectedness over the summer, which got better once we got a new modem, but this time it's something outside the house. Yes, I'm online now - for this moment - but by the time I finish writing today's post, I may well find that I'm no longer connected. It's been going on and off just like that, for days. And this is cable access!

Almost useless.

Thus my frustration level has risen, my time online had grown shorter and less pleasant and... I'm getting things done. Not merely creatively, but in life in general.

Still, I'd trade productivity for a reliable internet connection in a heartbeat. Yep, in a heartbeat. And really, how sad is that? What an addict I've become!

Internet addicts, raise your hands! Raise 'em high!


  1. It's true. What used to be a luxury has become so part of our lives it is hard to live without. It's good to be offline but better to have the choice of when, especially if like me you work on the internet.
    Hope your net problems get sorted soon.

  2. I had connection problems which turned out to be a faulty, burned-out modem. After it was replaced everything was great again. I do love my daily fix of Internet. I will say being unplugged can be wonderful if you get other things done--But I like to have the option, not feel locked out.

  3. I am so addicted to being online it's not even funny. If I'm not checking email on my computer, updating social network applications, then I checking things on my iPhone.

    Oh well. At least I get to write from time to time.

  4. There was a time that I would say that I was addicted, but not now. Don't get me wrong. I rely on the internet and my cell phone completely, but that's the point. I rely on it. It's not really just for playing around or being social. It is a part of my job. The problems you described drove me crazy. So, I switched oompanies. Currently I have a wireless account with comcast that works well. Maybe you should look into wireless options. Good luck.

  5. We'd like to look into the problem and get it resolved for you. Will you please email us and provide phone number on the account so that we can assist further?

    Thanks in advance and I apologize for the trouble.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  6. Heuh. I almost deleted this Comcast comment as spam, but it is legit.


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