Sunday, October 25, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog or When is it time to call it quits?

Have you considered quitting your blog?

Lately, I've been considering quitting my blog. There are many reasons, which basically amount to the fact that I have too much to do and not enough time.

I'd be interested in knowing if you have considered doing the same thing, but for the moment I'd like to focus on one little thing that's keeping me going.

I just checked in at one blog. It happened to be Tricia Obrien's. There I found something surprising. She has a nice post on her thoughts and experience with bats and within that description is a reference to Carlsbad, New Mexico. Her description reminds me of a scene within my fantasy novel. It made me consider the possibility of traveling out that way to see the bats emerge as she described.

If I would have quit blogging last week I would not have found that interesting fact, which makes me want to go on an adventure, even though big adventures will have to wait for a vacation time.

1. Have you considered quitting?

2. What makes you want to not quit?


  1. Hi Dave. Please. Don't. Quit.
    There are a lot of interesting writers out there and some great posts to explore. I have enjoyed many that you posted. My more successful posts are organic. For instance, when I saw the bat, I didn't know I would turn it into that post, but the thoughts grew. (Thanks for mentioning that it kept you in the blogosphere for now. That is humbling.)You will love taking a trip to the caverns. It's magical.

  2. The wonderful blog friends I've made make me not want to quit. Though, I do struggle with the time issue, too. It's a matter of knowing you can reach every blog every day, and staying disciplined with your time involved in blogging.

  3. You could always schedule guest posts. That's what I'm doing this week (my child has H1N1 and there's no way I could keep up with both my blogging and writing). I've got folks scheduled all week.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. oh, yes. I've considered it. More than once. But then I remember that I have work on submission and click on statcounter and see that folks who have that work do google things like my name and my character names. It's interesting.

    Plus, I (like you describe so well) have gained a connection to some really fantastic insight, information and inspiration through blogging.

    It's good stuff, really.

  5. I've been enjoying your posts, although I've only just recently offered a comment or two. I'd hate to see you quit.

    The internet can be addictive. There seems to be an unending supply of interesting/invaluable/fun places to visit. The temptation for me was to keep browsing for yet more good writing blogs and resources to add to my list of favourites. I would go from one site to another to another, but I realized that I could end up doing nothing but surfing, reading and commenting all day and never get to the writing that is so important to me. Something had to go. The answer for me was to steel myself, select a dozen of my current favourite blogs and tuck all the other URLs into a folder where I couldn't see them (out of sight, out of mind?). Then I decided on the maximum amount of time I should devote to my daily cyberspace "fix". Now, during that time I check e-mails, post my blog entry and read my other chosen ones. And when the time is up, whether I'm finished blog-hopping or not, I get to work. Without that discipline the internet would control all my free time. But if I totally give up my interaction with the cyberspace writing community I would lose some good friendships and many helpful resources. Sometimes it's hard to stay that disciplined but that's my compromise and I know of others who use the same system. Maybe it would be an option for you? :)

    Carol Garvin

  6. I quit for a year but then decided that I had an undeniable duty to persist in rotting the brains of my eight readers.

    But, after a year's absence, I lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-5 readers.

    All that to say, if you quit, don't be upset if the only loyal readers (gluttons for punishment, in my case) are your mom and the girl that sat at the next lunch table in highschool.

  7. I hear you, Dave. As I've missed yet another deadline, I find it's difficult to think of a new writing-related idea a week, particularly something that I'm worried might be 'wasting someone's time'. In fact, I'm beyond impressed at everyone else on this blog who continues to do it, week in and week out, and create great new content all the time.

    So yes, I've considered quitting the whole thing, but kinda of what Ben might have been echoing...I'm afraid that, if I do quit it all, go into a hermit-like lifestyle and finally take a year or two to write THAT book, will anyone be around who'll want to read it. I mean, sure they might say to send it to them, but will they READ it, or will they put it in Microsoft Word under the folder titled 'If I'm reeeeeaaallly bored'.

    So...yeah, the friends. Just keep it going, Dave, and maybe (advice I'm giving myself) not worry so much about creating absolutely timeless blog entries. =) Your stuff is always good.

  8. I've considered quitting a time or two. I don't quit because of the community I've found. I look forward to the comments on my blog, and the blogs I follow. I've formed some great friendships that have gone beyond the blogs to Facebook, and email.

    There are times when I just can't think of a dang thing to blog about. I go, read the blogs I follow, and, well, inspiration normally strikes.

    I think there comes a time when we might have to step back from the blogging a bit, but never totally.

    Don't quit. Cut back if you must, but don't quit.


  9. I think about quitting my personal blog, The Innocent Flower, all the time. Instead, I take a week off every month and that seems to help. I just have so much heaped on my plate. However, for the rest of the year I'm probably going to slow down on reading a lot of blogs. It's been so hard to keep up with that and my writing, too. Writing should always come first.

    I'd hate to see you quit. :( If you do, let's email each other to keep in touch. :)

  10. I agree with Patrick. Don't quit. There are definitely times when I struggle to come up content, but either take a break, or come up with something fun. Not every post can be great, so don't worry about that, just write what about what you are doing. Write about where you are in the process.

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