Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A momentary pause while I am in the land of Lego, that wonderful little brick my sons obsess over. Legoland, California to be exact.

I didn't have time to pre-post a blog either, I had a major writing assignment due at work and it basically took a week of typing.

All day.

60 words a minute.

For a week.

So, like, when I said I was a hack writer I wasn't kidding here folks. Ha!

Anyway, I took a book on vacation that I loved. It was a fascinating debut novel with a unique narrative style.

Then, in the last one-third of the book, it fell apart when the author started writing about a subject he obviously had an opinion, but didn't know much about.

Now I have to work up to finishing it. If I can.

The beach beckons, maybe a picture later!


  1. I read The Lost Symbol, too.


  2. Isn't it annoying when that happens? "Hi, I was writing about this but now, a major digression..." Grrr.


  3. Ooooh Aimee, you're bad...

    I probably should pick up The Lost Symbol, because it is in my genre, sort of, but I'm just not a Dan Brown fan.

    This weekend I am going to meet Sully the famous pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson River. He's going to be at my local Costco signing books. I plan on buying his book, getting him to sign it, then giving him a signed copy of mine.

    Should be fun.

  4. Dang it, I wish you could edit comments...

    I meant to add a *chuckle* after my Aimee comment, cause I thought hers was darn funny.

  5. Dude, I love legos.

    Write a post on legos and I will love it.

    Good luck with that book. It will probably teach you a lot if you can teach others exactly how the author lost you.

    I have many unfinished books that started out great but sit on my shelf and piss me off because they are both paid for and unfinished.

    Legos, on the other hand, are just plain fun and creative. I could call them toys, but that would somehow demean their value. They are what writing should be.

  6. Carlsbad is a lovely part of the world.

    What book are you referring to? So curious.

  7. Thanks everyone for commenting!

    I am back from sunny California and am now here in very wet Washington. Ha.

    Man, LEGOLAND was awesome.


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