Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just for Fun...

Have you ever wondered where writers write? I know I have!

Do you think having a quiet place apart would help you produce more and better fiction?


  1. Where do I write? Hmmmmm, well, sometimes . . .

    . . . in my office, music playing in the background.

    . . . on the couch in the Keeping Room (open area off the kitchne).

    . . . at the table in the breakfast nook so the boyz (Jesse and James - cocker spaniels) can see me from the sunroom. Trust me, if they can't see me, Jesse whines and disrupts my concentration.

    I normally try to write when my partner is either asleep or at work. If he's home, well, I could hide in the closet with the laptop and he'd find me so he could ask "what are you doing????" Arrrrrgghhhh!!!


  2. I have a corner of the living room where mu cupboard and computer are stationed, but I rarely write here - just edit. I write wherever I can! Kitchen table, in bed, at a cafe, in the spare bedroom. I think it's important not to have to be tethered to one spot to write.

    For me, if I hate to wait until I could write without interruption in my corner, I'd never write anything! So I can be creative anywhere, and that's a bonus for me.

    I have this dream of my ideal writing room with a big fancy desk and a beautiful leather chair, lots of book cases amd a window where I can see the sea!! Bit if I had that, would I write in there?

    Julie xx

  3. I can write pretty much anywhere, as long as I can tune out people talking. For some reason if I can understand what they are saying, I'm immediately drawn into listening to what they are talking about, even if it is the most mundane topics.

    I always have my iPhone with me, so if people are talking near me, or it's too noisy, I put on my headphones, turn on some music, and write away.

  4. Normally in my recliner, though, its about time to retire the recliner and get a new one. But, that's about it.


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