Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is creativity a "joyful struggle"?

Deepak Chopra says it is. He also says attachment to the outcome hinders the creative impulse.

According to him, the creative process has nine steps:

Intended Outcome

Information Gathering

Information Analysis







Normally, I'd be a little skeptical about the description of a process where every step starts with the letter i, but never mind. Upon reflection I find that I mostly agree with these steps, except that I think sometimes creative types use the word "incubation" when "procrastination" would be more accurate, and sometimes it's best not to wait around "incubating" in the hope that insight and inspiration will show up, but to go ahead and begin integrating and inplementing without either.


  1. This looks like a pile of new-age twaddle to me. Every step starts with 'i'? Someone is trying too hard.

  2. It would be an interesting writing exercise to make a list that starts with different letters of the alphabet. Anyone want to start with the letter A?

    I think the list is rather thought-provoking, although I rather think we probably all have our own methods and our individual lists would vary. Maybe "individuality" would be a good thing to add to that list of "I" words.

  3. i do know that incubation is critical. i don't call it procrastination, myself -- i like feeling as if i'm doing something :)

    Deepak Chopra mentions something here that has been integral to the American experience since the beginning (& no doubt other cultures, as well, tho i don't want to assume), and that is the essential ingredient of "struggle."

    [Unfortunately, in recent years, we've tended to gloss over that part, trying to "rescue" people (and students) from the struggle and, in doing so, robbing them of the process, the outcome, and the joy. it's a crazy world.]

    i'm also interested in this idea of "insight" coming after much of the difficult work. This has been a thought much on my mind of late: writing begets writing; thought begets thought; and so on...

    good stuff here!


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