Monday, October 5, 2009

I Can't Wait For Winter

You think I'm nuts don't you? You think that the cheese must have slipped off my cracker (credit The Green Mile), but I do have a reason.

Is it because I want to shoosh down pristine ski slopes at a breakneck pace, split the snow draped pine trees that stand like soldiers guarding the trail, leave a wake of freshly packed powder that falls to the side like a solid mist, feel almost in command of my speed, but not fully, as I hang my life over the edge of the chasm, then haul it back when I regain a semblance of control?

Nope, that's not it.

Is it because I want to savor the crunch of snow under my boots on a deathly still morning, the way below zero temperature biting at my nostrils as I suck in a breath, and stare at sunlight sparkling through crystal clear ice covering the spindly branches of a birch tree that turn it into a living gem, more beautiful than the largest royal embellishment?

Nope, that's not it either. It never gets that cold out her in California.

Is it that I want to strap on a set of ice skates at the edge of a clear frozen lake, and enjoy the metallic hiss of blade meeting water as I glide over the bluish white surface, a wisp of quarter sized snowflakes dancing in my path, stopping once in a while to catch my breath, only to hear the frightening cracking sounds the ice makes as fissures rumble like thunder.

Nope, not even close.

What I am waiting for, is more time to write. You see for me, summertime is filled with way too many distractions.

There are lawns that need mowing, friends that want to go motorcycle riding, other friends that want to go bicycle riding, picnics with the neighbors, hiking trails with the wife, days at the beach, wine and cheese festivals downtown, car shows, air races, motorcycle races, baseball games, the list just goes on and on.

I enjoy every one of these activities, but sometimes I still hear a small voice telling me, "you didn't write your 1000 words today."

But it's all good. Activities are slowing, and the rain is coming. Soon I'll be sitting with pen over paper and the words flowing like a river. I'll fill notebooks with my thoughts and silence that small voice.

Now if I could just find the remote to turn off the TV.


  1. Turn it off! Turn it off! :) Winter is definitely a good time to stay inside and write.

  2. I totally agree! Shut the coldness, wetness and darkness outside. Get yourself cosy in your writing space and let your imagination and your creativity flow. Help it along, of course with a glass of your favourite tipple or a hot chocolate and plenty of nibbles. Wonderful - not a feeling on Earth like it - utter contentment.
    Julie xx

  3. When I saw your title, I though you were nuts :)
    But, having read the blog, I agree. It's much easier to write when it's cold outside.

  4. @carolyn - Well it's still arguable whether I'm nuts or not :)

    @Julie - absolutely, warm drink on a cold day, in a cozy writing place, can't beat it.

    @Davin - yes, sometimes I have to work hard to keep the TV off. The good news is that I mostly watch movies, and try to learn from the characters, the bad news is that movies take a lot of time.

  5. i'm going to have to go to library to do this, i think. not a bad thing.

    I wanted to let you know about my blog address change. *sigh* If you're following me, my posts now won't show up in your feed, dashboard, sidebar, whatever. So please forgive me, but you'll have to change the address for my main writing blog, Where Romance Meets Therapy, to To do this, you have to "unfollow" me and follow me again. Sorry for the confusion!

    The Character Therapist

  6. Oh my gosh, you're so right! Summer is for the beach and ice cream and hot shirtless boys, not for writing. You read my mind.

  7. exquisite imagery, btw. as for winter, well, i always seem to have an excuse, regardless of the season. lately, i've just been telling myself, "tough." not that it works every time, or anything, but it sure seems that unless i do, i've a billion things to do. After all, autumn is my favorite season...


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