Saturday, September 5, 2009

Writing and the seasons

I have noticed that my writing moves in cycles of productivity and stagnation, as I guess might be true for many other people, and possibly for other areas of creativity as well.

For me, those periods when I write a lot and those others during I which I write very little seem to be about the same from year to year. For me the most "stagnant"periods are (roughly) August-September and January-February, while the most productive are April-July and then October-November. Though honestly, this probably has more to do with changes in my personal schedule than it does with the changing quality of light and the temperature outside, but there it is.

So I'll put the question out there. Would you say that your writing is affected in any way by the cycle of the year? And if it is, do you make any attempt to manage these changes?


  1. I write ten times more when I don't have cable or the

  2. My writing is most affected by some sort of sick and twisted inverse ratio to the amount of free time I have to write. The more free time, the more I feel blocked and cranky and waste time. The busier I am with teaching and other pursuits, the more fecund my imagination, the itchier my pen hand gets. It's a curse, I tell you.

  3. The only thing that affects how much I write it is related to what's happening at work. When I am spending extra hours at work, I get less writing done. When my guys are behaving like Kindergartners (all last week), I get less writing done. Otherwise it's butt in chair, pen to paper.

  4. Aimee: oh, me too on that one!

    Margin Wight: That's interesting. I wonder what's going on behind that. I guess the mind is better off when kept busy.

    Douglas: Ah, that does make sense, but notice that's nearly the opposite for Margin Wight. I can't say it works this way for me at all, though. My writing doesn't "seem" related to the amount of free time I have or the amount of time I spend working, as a matter of hours and mintues. For me it's seasonal, but then, so is my job.

  5. Food for thought here. I think extra stress in my personal life has slowed down my writing in the last few weeks. But I hope to keep at it, all the same.

  6. I'm not really sure if I have a seasonal issue, or if I really have a set annual pattern at all, but it seems to me that I get much less writing done as the summer begins, and more done as the summer winds down. That's about the only pattern I've picked up on.

  7. I'm most effected by the school year and vacation breaks. Vacation = more productivity. School in session (especially mid terms and after) = less writing productivity.

    You could also add in moving to a new area and starting up at a new school equals less writing productivity.

    Beyond that, I'd say that extreme weather inspires me: winter wind, autumn leaves, desert hot summer, new gozzlings under a mother's wing.


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