Friday, September 4, 2009

Writer tools

I have a computer ... a white Mac laptop, named Gunther (in jest by my husband, but it stuck). On that computer I keep records of all my ideas, my three finished MS, and smatterings of others.

I am an incredible jackdaw-collector of beautifully bound small notebooks. Empty notebooks. With lined paper. I love writing/thinking/drawing in them, expanding and contracting things for ideas.

I have a blue leather pouch where I keep my favourite writing pens (all one type, only black, kthx!) with my 2 drawing pencils and extra leads, as well as my favourite eraser. And I have a favourite drawing pad that I use when the creative urge takes me there.

For everything except my notebooks, I have one favourite of them all. Sort of like the ring...from LOTR. And I use that favourite until it's all used up. These are my tools.

What are yours?


  1. I have two red journals . . . from The Hobbit collection. There and Back Again is on the front of the journals in gold letters. I also have two lined journals with royal blue velvet covers. I keep one in the nightstand next to the bed in case I'm inspired at 3 AM. Oh, it happens!

    I haven't named my laptop. That seems to be the trend lately. It's all sleek, black and shiny . . . perhaps Raven would be a good name for her. OMG, I have a female laptop. How in the heck did that happen? Oh, and my GPS is named Charlotte . . . as in hush, hush, Sweet Charlotte, you're driving me nuts with these commands.


  2. HEE! That is a great name for the GPS. Those things drive me crazy.

    But you know, Raven can be a boy name too!

  3. A lever arch file and sheaves and sheaves of refills. I like to buy pretty notebooks, but I hate to write in them. I like to write on plain, utilitarian A4 with any pen that's lying around.

    Boring, but servicable :)

  4. I like to get Wired spiral bound notebooks from my local Kroger. I like the 20lbs paper to write on, and I usually write in it until i fill it up, and have to go and buy another one. Pen color: blue.

  5. I have a stack of those teeny-tiny notebooks that I stick in a pocket with a pen when I walk or keep in my purse so that I can never be without a way to capture a fleeting thought, a shooting-star idea.
    Otherwise, it's my desktop, which I recently treated to a tune-up and enhanced memory so it will, hopefully, be my trusty helpmate for a long time. My laptop is the got-my-back sidekick.

  6. I used to write on composition books, but when I went to type in the manuscript, it was hard to keep the pages open. Now I use 5 subject spiral bound notebooks, with hard plastic covers. They have to be tough, because they live in my backpack next to my macbook pro.

    I only use Pilot Dr. Grip fine point gel pens, because they flow across the page a lot nicer than most pens, and provide great resolution. I think I have at least 10 refills in my backpack.

    On the left side of the page is where I make notes about character, plot, ideas. On the right is where I write the text.

  7. My MacBook Pro, my home PC, and for when to mood to go old school strikes, spiral notebooks and fine tipped Zebra pens, black ink only.

    I like my writing tools because they sometimes inspire me, just by looking at them sitting on my desk. And they are proof to me (including the financial investment) that I'm serious about my craft, my writing.


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