Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poll Recap

Last week I ran a little poll and wow! What great responses!

There are 87 formal blogger account followers to the Adventures in Writing blog. While there is not a one-to-one correlation, 42 people responded to the poll.

34 of us are aspiring, non-published writers, while 8 of us are published.

27 have finished writing a book, 10 have just started, 4 are half-way done and 2 are almost done. WOW!

Then we have 2 writers who are not book writers, or are lurkers.

Beyond this short little poll, I asked for:

* The working title
* Genre (where it would be in a book store)
* Back of the book blurb
* What you enjoy most about writing

About half of you who took the poll left comments.

This tells me, and the other authors of this blog, a number of things. Mainly, it highlights we have a small, but vibrant community of writers, and some of us have broken through “to the other side.” Awesome.

My favorite part of the poll was the comments by far. I loved hearing what everyone is working on!

Thank you all for responding and stopping by our little slice of the intetwebs. The comments and responses are helpful; for example, next week, I’ll talk about my totally ego-centric, but massively fun way to come up with your book-blurb.



  1. The poll was a great idea, and I enjoyed reading the comments, too. Thanks for doing this!

  2. For some reason I missed the poll so I’ll add my info now.
    I’m unpublished and I’ve finished one book. I’ve started 3 others. (1 WIP is about 80%, the rest are in outlining stages)

    The Shores of Utopia
    It’s a “romantic thriller with elements of science-fiction.”
    Cathryn Delaney has been given an assignment in New York City. She has information concerning some current terrorist activity that an innocent person wouldn’t. The FBI is investigating her and she is officially a person of interest. The man that has fallen for her also questions the true nature of her visit.

  3. Ooooh, book blurb discussions sound awesome!

  4. looking forward to next week, Anthony. and may i say, you are awesome at this. so i know i have much to learn, sensei.


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