Thursday, September 10, 2009

Music Rec's

I’m beginning to realize the full importance of music on my daily writing routine. Without it, I stare, I wonder if I’m hungry, if I finished all the chores I needed to finish, if the door is locked, if I need to take out the trash, etc…then, once music comes on, particularly with several songs, I’m ready to go.

I don’t really have anything writing-related this week, but I do want to share a few post-rock bands who are primarily instrumental yet have a vibe about them that allows me just the right amount of creative freedom.

The first is Explosions in the Sky.

And the second is primarily a song: Edge Hill, by Groove Armada. Be patient for the first two minutes, then it just becomes beautiful.

If you like this genre, Sigur Ros is excellent as well.

I was hesitant in sharing music, since it feels slightly off-topic and self-indulgent, but seeing as how I found my now favorite band (Muse) because of someone in the past randomly letting me borrow their CD, I thought perhaps it might help get the sparks going.

So…does anyone have any bands out there that they listen to? Or perhaps classical, jazz? Or maybe stone-cold silence?


  1. You know, I do get more writing done with the music on, but it can't be loud. Instead of my mind wandering to chores and other things, I'll hum along until the right words come to me.

    Always Sting if I'm writing. He's a great story teller. I have about 20 CDs that my kids are probably sick of. Good thing school started; no more rolling eyes to deal with.

  2. Music is often my Muse. Also, any time I'm struggling with writing, I play a CD and try to write something about every single song on the CD. I've gotten some great starting points by doing this.

    I love music playing in the background when I'm writing. Sometimes it's something New Age or Celtic or Dance or Celine Dion (don't shoot me, please) or Alternative or Anastacia (love, love, love her music - powerful, passionate, driven).

    I also think, for many writers, music plays a key part to their writing. I've been including YouTube links on my blog about certain songs that have inspired me lately.


  3. I have to listen to something that has no words while I write. It can be from many different genres such as instrumental guitar such as Joe Satriani, to opera, to classical, to techno trance. I just put my iPod on shuffle. Some really weird combinations are generated sometimes.

  4. I flip back and forth between listening to music and not listening to music. I've found that music is great to get me started, helping to ease me into a writing zone, but that after a bit, I won't notice it anymore. There have been times when I've snapped out of it and been surprised to find I don't even have music on anymore.

    Sometimes I listen to jazz (iTunes has some great streaming stations), but usually I listen to music from college, because that was when I started to think I might want to be a writer. So Crowded House, old U2. Or music that is more current, but similar. Snow Patrol, Pete Yorn, Death Cab for Cutie.

  5. Music helps. I don't write to anything in particular, but I do like the randomness of music that is played in a coffee shop.

    Music and public activity in general helps to stimulate my writing and my brain. It's like I have something to focus on when my brain wonders, but it's not something like fixing a broken whatever at home, which would be time consuming. It's just enough to make me feel the texture of the world or the rhythm of an emotion.


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