Friday, September 18, 2009

The little things.

Everytime I start to get somewhat discouraged with my progress in my writing life, I get a little lift.

A boost, so to say.

The last two weeks have been hard for me. I've got two books finished, first drafts, both of which I'm quite proud of. I had to decide who to revise first, and the amount of work I was looking at (while the new idea simmered over like beans left too long on the stove) was just...overwhelming. Depressing, really. (And you think there's no pressure once you've got your agent? If anything, I feel like there's more. But that's another post.)

And then to think, still gotta get the betas on it (beta readers are worth their weight in GOLD), and then my MG betas, and the agent, and then more waiting. Then the whole pregnancy thing, and work, and everything. Whew.

It was just getting to me.

But last night I got my latest boost.

You see, I met Neil Gaiman. And then I shook his hand.

Let me back up. I found out via Twitter that Mr. Gaiman and his lady-love, Amanda Palmer, were gonna be in Berlin one night, and Frau Palmer was going to give a free bloddy show. I like Mr. Gaiman's books, but moreso his attitude: always friendly, always successful...he works full time as a writer, is funny and writes such diverse things. Brilliant.

We couldn't pass it up!

So after eventually finding the hole-in-the-wall warehouse where it was located, we were there. And the first two gigs were going, it was fun to be out in Berlin. And then I saw him.

First thought, "Dude! He's so SHORT!" But the fluffy hair was there, the nose, the ever-so-slightly ratty suit jacket. It was him. I had a meltdown. I started grinning like a freak, but wouldn't go near him. I mean, he probably gets this all the time, right? And then he was walking off, a bit later, and I had to do it. I walked up behind him.

Me: Mr Gaiman?
He turns and looks at me, surprised.
MG: Yes?
Me: Hi, I'm sorry, but can I just shake your hand?
MG: *blinks and grins* Sure. What's your name? (He has really. great. eyes.)
We shake hands. His is normal and warm, and mine is cold and sweaty. LOL!
Me: I'm Jennifer, a writer and I came to see you and Amanda. You just made my year.
MG: *grins bigger* Well that's great.
Me: Thanks again.

I walk off.


From ear to ear.

He waves and carries on as I look behind me the once. And then I got to hear Amanda Palmer and she's freaking brilliant. And looking at these two, the ones that make a living from their loves, I thought,

I can do this too.



  1. omigodomigodomigodNEILGAIMAN I am sooo envious of you RIGHT NOW!

    Go you Jen! And what a great boost :D

  2. I almost cried through my big smile reading this. I pictured it perfectly and how I would feel if I got to shake his hand. You go, girl! You got the boost because you made it happen. You can do this, too.

  3. I <3 YOU ALL! :-)

    We all need a boost. Maybe this helps you too.

  4. I love Neil's work. That is so cool that you got to meet him.

    And Oh by the way. Boost!!

  5. I follow Neil on Twitter, too. And I admit, I'm a bit of a Neil junkie (not to be confused w/a stalker. I'm just in awe of his brilliance, his writing prowess). Amazing grace, I think I might have fainted in his presence. Mmmm, you are lucky to have kept standing!

  6. Cool story.

    I hear that he lives in Minnesota, so maybe I'll see him do a reading or something like that sometime.

    I'm glad to hear that you got a boost when it was needed.

  7. me too Tricia -- just shimmering eyes, but it was at that last line: the ones that make a living from their loves. so true. so beautiful.



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