Saturday, August 1, 2009

A room of one's own?

The Guardian has a series on writers' rooms.

A quiet room to write in is a luxury I don't have. I usually write with a laptop on the kitchen table. And there I battle the elements (the busy environment), mankind (that would be my family interrupting me and people calling on the phone) and most of all, I battle myself (because really, I prefer internet-surfing and time-wasing to working).

I would like to have a room devoted to writing. Oh, I do realize that writing isn't about the externals - not about the drapes and the flowers and the ceiling-high bookshelf. It's about concentrating on the words and the flow of the unfolding story, and yes, I can do that at my kitchen table. Still, I'd like to have a quiet little writing space.

So who has a room for writing, and who makes do without?


  1. I'm writing from a cabin by a lake I can see from my window. I'm wealthy so I can come here for months on end. My nearest neighbor is four miles away. The coffee pot is within reach and there's a Jacuzzi is in the next room.

    ...and then I woke up.

  2. i actually have my own study in my share house (a rare miracle!) which i plan to convert into my own reading room/library/writing room.

    currently, that hasn't happened.

    so mostly i sit in bed, with my laptop on my lap (as i am now)

    however, like you, i too enjoy internet surfing

    damn it being so addictive!

  3. I have my own room. It even has a drum kit and musical equipment for when I need to pound a few riffs. I have a nice territorial view of a forest with the neighbors nicely hidden.
    BION, I actually like going to busy places to write, like coffee shops or libraries. As long as they're not too loud and don't play bad music.

  4. Charlie, I was starting to hate you and then--hahahahahahaha! So, I love you instead. :)
    Diane, I am fortunate to have a room for writing, which I filled with colorful pictures of palms, parrots, sea turtles, mermaids, forests. It is a wonderful environment. Unfortunately, I may have to move and find myself tossed out of wonderland. We shall see.

  5. I don't have a special room to write, though I probably could stretch out in the living room, but I find that to really get into my story, I have to have external stimulus. It's almost like I am telling the story to the people in the coffee shop, or fast food place where I typically write. I have headphones on and listening to music, but I still people watch. Sometimes it can help when I need a small detail when describing someone.

  6. Alas, no.

    I have a reading chair, though. It is big and green and universally understood in the household as my writing place.

  7. A desk in front of a window. A busy street. A red lamp and a postcard of nuns smoking I received from a friend in Paris. Framed bookplates and a basket of writing things. It's good, very good. Now, if I could just stay offline....yeah.

  8. I live in a three room apartment so there is no room for a writing room. I would love to have one though. For the time being, I sit in the recliner with a notebook in my lap, and sometimes I'll go outside to sit at the table on our back porch. And I have a very simple solution to beating internet addiction, I hand write instead of type.

  9. LOL Tricia, The truth is I have a corner in the living room with so many distraction that I can't remem.... What was the question?

  10. I have a tiny "office" that also acts as a pantry, music room, and closet. It doesn't get direct sunlight and is completely cramped. Even though I have this "space", it's not mine.

    I actually take my laptop out to the kitchen table most of the time :) My hubby works and we don't have kids, so there's no interference. Plus, I get a big east-facing window that keeps it bright.

    And if the table is cluttered, I go to the library.

  11. I could have the most perfect writing room you could imagine and it would not matter, because there's no way that I could keep my kids out. They are too young. When I am home, I'm available to them, and when I want to write I go to a coffee shop where I can concentrate.

    It's one thing to get interupted when sending an email or grading a paper, but it's another thing to get interupted in the middle of writing about a fantasy world.


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