Sunday, August 2, 2009

The One Thing

My plane back to Minneapolis will take off soon. I just finished this year's Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference and, like always, there were so many great things that happened.

For now, I'll just mention one thing: meeting published authors. There's nothing like getting a bit of time to talk with people face to face about their books and how they made it. One author mentioned that it took her eight years and five books to make it. Now it is her full time job.

I'm currently on my third big creative project. The first was a short YA fantasy novel. The second was a children's play. And the third is a fantasy novel set in the same world as my first project.

It's all too easy to grow impatient and to forget that many of the people that have made it have put in twice the time and number of projects.

How many big creative projects (plays, novels, screen plays) have you completed? Have you meet any authors that have inspired you with their story? What was the one thing that inspired you?

With all the travel back and forth from Washington and Minnesota I've had to cut back on commenting on everyone's blogs, but I will be back soon. : )


  1. This is such a great reminder, thank you! I have completed three novels. I'm still getting two ready for querying, but it will probably be another year before they are ready. I'm not in any hurry. I've always figured it will take me about 10 novels to break into the published world. And I'm perfectly willing to do that. Writing 10 novels without any stress and deadlines sound like a great journey to me!

  2. Meeting and talking with other writers is one of the most encouraging things in my own writing. I'm always inspired with their stories especially about publication. And I've learned from it that perseverance is one of the greatest assets.

    My writing journey has been a long one. I just completed my 11th novel, though the first three were definitely practice novels (I think I'm a slow learner :D). It took me until after writing the 8th one to get a contract for publication. And from there I just keep learning and growing. Don't think I'll ever stop!

  3. I totally did not know about (or remember) this conference or I would have stopped by. Damn.
    I've written about 8 novels, but only seriously revised one. I hope that one gets me over the top.

  4. I'm heading to my first writer's conference in September and I'm looking forward to meeting authors too. It is so encouraging to hear about the perseverance of others because it gives us the strength to keep going. I've written a total of about eight years and have about seven completed MS's. Still writing!

  5. My new favorite person in the whole world is Dr. Dennis Hensley. When he decided he wanted to write full-time he decided to devote 2 hours ever weekday to writing. He went to work, came home, had family time, then wrote 9-11pm. At the end of one year he had been writing for "three full months". He had lots of practice and manuscripts and was ready to start his transition.

    That really helps me stay committed to writing a certain amount every week. I finished two novels and submitted them. I received a few requests for partials, but nothing happened. Dr. Hensely's story keeps me motivated.

  6. I'm at the beginning of the published trail with my first book, Randolph's Challenge Book One - The Pendulum Swings, having just been released in May 09. I have a few more waiting in the wings that need final edit and publication, and two more in the Randolph's Challenge series to write. I'm also looking to sell the film rights for the Pendulum Swings. My target to achieve all this is 18 months and I will do it - I understand that it can take many publications and many years to get noticed, but I also believe an author's job is as much about marketing as it is about writing - I come as a package and I'm hoping that will help me meet my objective in the time frame.

    Chris Warren
    Author and Freelance Writer
    Randolph's Challenge Book One - The Pendulum Swings.


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