Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not writing!

No, I'm not. Everything is coming out wrong - plot, dialogue, tension, everything. I'm miserable at the thought of writing, and even more unhappy not to be writing. So, I decided to take a break from (all attempts at) writing for a couple of weeks, and to give myself permission to not feel miserable about it. And instead of writing, I'm taking pictures of some of the things which surround me.

So my offering this week is a picture of something I saw, which made me think of writing (ironically, considering my present state) but which applies to everything.


  1. Cool post. I can relate.

    My favorite metaphor for dealing with this situation is percolation. Coffee has to percolate to develop it's flavor. Same with ideas.

    Also, I've had some good times not writing, and doing other things. Sometimes those other things trigger story ideas and sometimes they don't, but they usually are a good time.

  2. Sorry to hear the stories are giving you gyp, but what a great way to recharge. Have you ever read "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron? If you can get it out at the library, it's worth a read just for the inspiration :)

  3. Most of the time when I have problems writing I take a walk or meditate, and usually everything resolves itself when I get done.

  4. Dave: That's exactly what I'm doing- percolating something!

    Merrilee: I haven't heard of it, but I'm taking my son to the library Monday (dinosaur books, you know) and I'll look for sure. Thanks!

    Ryan: Yes. I think for me taking pictures of random things is my way of meditating.

  5. This is what the last eight months have been like for me. It is only now the story is starting to really hum in my soul.

    When I am frustrated by writing, so stessed I can't write well, photography is my fall back too. It's like the visual is the antidote to the lack of verbal. Or I like to immerse myself in beauty.

    either way - I identify!

  6. great pic, great quote, great reminder! ultimately, it's up to us, isn't it? :) i have to keep reminding myself of that... I choose my own destiny. If I'm destined to be published it's going to be because I made the commitment, put in the time, and persevered. Sometimes that's a hard pill to swallow. good luck and keep your chin up!


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