Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Urban Fantasy Doesn't Get Better

Last year, I snagged the POD version of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International.

MHI is an urban fantasy best described as the literary equivalent of B-horror movie romp with accurate gun portrayal. MHI was the best book I read in 2008, and now you can get it from Amazon or your local bookstore.

Because Baen picked it up and republished it on July 28.

How amazingly cool is that?

It’s way cool because it’s an entertaining story, and a great study for new writers on crafting page-turning plotting with outstanding, fresh voicing. The book clocks in at 713 pages (yes, as a new author, it’s 713 pages), but it reads like 320.

Now, there is a really fine back story to MHI about self-promotion and platform for a fiction author, but really, from a writer point of view, the best thing is to just read it.

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  1. because of your glowing reference, some months back, i check out this guy, his blog, his writing. but i got lost in the swamp of murky waters and never did pick up his book. I WILL --> he sounds hilarious and non-reverant and awesome :)


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