Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Favorite Book

I am asked this question surprisingly often. It goes like this:

“What do you do for fun?”

“Other than playing with the kids, harassing the wife, amusing the dog and playing human scratching post the cats? I am a novelist. Unpublished as of yet.”

“Oh! That’s cool! What’s your favorite book?”

What is my favorite book? What is my favorite book?


Do I talk about Dandelion Wine, which I read a hundred times growing up?

Or The Cat in the Hat, which I would read to my kids until they were asleep? For a year?

Or, perhaps, that rare book I found for my girlfriend in high school in which she, uh, enthusiastically thanked me?

Cities in Flight?

Marooned in Realtime?

Prince Ombra?

Must I choose? Fine.

My favorite book is the book in my hand at the time you ask me!

There. I’ve picked!


  1. Mine is the one I'm

  2. The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss
    Tigana - Guy Gavriel Kay
    Solstice Wood - Patricia McKillip
    LOTR - Tolkien
    Walking the Labrynith - Lisa M. Goldstein
    The Mists of Avalon - Marion Zimmer Bradley
    Broken for You - Stephanie Kallos

    The book I'm reading right now!

    I'm with you on that one. I have my absolute favorites which I read over and over again, but I just love to read.

    Oh, and I'm wiht Aimee as well . . . the one I'm writing.


  3. When I set up my blog, I pulled all my favorites (mostly MG) from my bookshelf, spread them out on the floor, took a picture and made that my blog header. So, now, when anyone asks that question...I can refer them to my blog for photo evidence :D

  4. That is the impossible question. I like the 'one I'm reading now' because so often that is the case. And I find my favorites change with my life. Just like we love children or friends for different qualities, I love books for different reasons.

    Scott: I'm so glad someone mentioned Patricia McKillip. I also loved "The Riddle-Master" and so many others.

    Tess: What a fantastic idea. I love the photograph of favorite books.(I did actually do something similar in my former life as a newspaper reporter when I brought in a stack of my fantasy books for a photo shoot to accompany a piece I did on the subject.)

  5. I try to make the one I'm writing my favorite. But, really, Anna Karenina is the book that stands out for me. :)

  6. Good answer, Anthony, unless of course you're about to pitch the book into the garbage.

    Seriously, I can't answer that, either...well, actually, maybe I can. It's hard to beat Pride and Prejudice for classics, but for contemporary, definitely can't choose.

  7. This is a tough one. It's like asking what's my favorite ice cream. It's like asking what's my favorite car. It's like asking who's my favorite actress. (Actually in that case it would be anyone that would talk to me)

    I dunno, I can name about twenty.

  8. Dandelion wine, loved it. Bradbury is a genius. I'm currently reading Fahrenheit 451 (for the first time) and soaking up every page.

  9. Favorite books? There are so many it's easier to list my favorite authors, and there are about eight to ten of those. It feels like a unanswerable question.

  10. *sigh* this is truly a conundrum haunting every bibliophile... and I would definitely have to agree: there's so many, so my current read is definitely my choice for now.

    tho not my favorite, James Galvin's The Meadow made me cry a lot, although I don't know if it would transfer as powerfully to city folk. or maybe it would, but just differently.


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