Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Great American Novel

A friend of mine has always stated that the Great American Novel is Huckleberry Finn. That seems to be the popular choice, followed by The Great Gatsby, maybe Catch-22, or Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Another argument is that there hasn’t been a Great American Novel yet. These two debates seem to go on no matter what kind of positive illumination a book gets from critics.

Since America is an ever-changing country, with an ever-changing image, and so on and so forth, I was just wondering what you might think represents ‘America’ at this point...narrowing choices by country does seem a little strange, considering how much fiction as a world literature is and always has been. The Great World Novel should be the name for the 21st century...or The Great Globalized Novel.

My votes are a kind of cop-out. I go by century. And if anyone has anything for the 18th century (fiction…I’m hoping) I’d love to hear it.

Huckleberry Finn, 19th century
The Old Man and the Sea, 20th Century
21st Century….???

Anywho…what are your choices?


  1. No one has ever amazed me more than Jules Vern.

  2. Yeah, the one with the E on the end.

  3. this is a toughy...I'm mulling it over and will get back to you on this.

  4. ummm...way too early in the century for me :P


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