Monday, June 8, 2009

What are your Writing Goals?

Well I'm looking forward to that multi-million dollar advance, so that I can buy that estate home on five acres on top of the hill. It's going to be an 8000 square foot mansion, with 8 bedrooms, a guest house, 5 car garage, huge swimming pool, surrounded by 20 acres of grapes.

When I go to book signings there's going to be a line of anxious fans stretching around the block waiting for hours to get my autograph.

I'll do readings at packed stadiums where crowds of screaming young girls will faint from excitement. (That one was for you Anthony)

My schedule on the talk show circuit will be so full that Oprah will have to wait her turn.

When I walk into my hometown Borders, inside the front door will be a mound of my books so tall you won't be able see what's on the other side.

Oh and by the way I'm expecting this to happen by Christmas.

Am I dreaming just a little maybe? or maybe a lot.

I'm all for being a self confident writer, but I think you also have to set realistic goals. I think there are writers who set their goals much too high, don't reach them on their first try, and give up. You must set goals that push yourself, but setting your goals way too high will only cause you to fail and become disillusioned. Writing is about setting hard to reach, but attainable goals, continually polishing your craft, and not giving up.

What can you do this month that will advance your writing? Is there a writing class you can take at the local college? Maybe it's time to pick up that next book on writing.

What can you finish in the next three months that you can get your writers group to review?

What are you going to have complete by the end of the year that you can send out to agents?

My goals?
Next month I'm going to Thrillerfest in NY and suck up as much as I can from all the amazing thriller writers, editors, and agents in attendance. Before I go I am going to have a killer query done.

In the next three months I'm going to lay out the groundwork for my next novel. (legal thriller)

By next summer I expect to have the first draft of my next novel complete

Set your goals for those things you can control, polish, polish, polish your craft, and smile in the face of adversity. Someday you'll look back on the journey and realize just how much fun you had fighting through the process.


  1. Great post. Sounds like we're going to be neighbors. ;)

    Lynnette Labelle

  2. Realistic Goals?

    1. Send off the partial to Maass (any day now)

    2. Buy a sylus (sp?) because my wrist has really started bugging me, and I don't want to go through the torture that Anthony described.

    3. Start submitting flash fiction and short stories to online and print magazines.

    4. Go to the PNWA conference.

    5. Check out the LOFT in Minnesota and see if I can get involved in a multiday workshop where I would get feedback on the middle or end of my novel.

    6. Keep in touch with others on their writing journey.

    7. Continue working on--picturing--the next book.

  3. @lynette when you find a house like that you can afford, please tell me where it is so we can be neighbors :-D

    @dave those goals sound very reachable, yet you are going to have to work little aren't you? I hope to read your 50 pages soon.

  4. *sigh* gain some confidence. There's got to be a way to do that.

  5. I'm big on goals - I need them to keep me motivated.

    For the next two months my goal is to read: at least two books on writing, four novels in my genre, and two books not in my genre.

    I'm doing this because I got my crits back from two contests and have lots of areas to correct...but I need to figure out how to do it before I edit!


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