Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hope in the Mail

Recently I was given the pleasure of being rejected by an agent for three entirely different books, and yet she made me feel wonderful about all of them. Her comments were precise, insightful, and most importantly, personal. She is truly a top-quality agent to query, because she took the time to comment on each project. Granted, I’d had a slight connection, seeing as how one of my friends was a client of hers, but I firmly believe she would be a great agent for someone out there.

Andrea Somberg, by the way. I highly recommend. It just worked out that most of my material, subject matter, wasn’t quite right. Fire up the ol' and give her a look.

In any event, there’s still hope on the horizon, as two other agents are considering a book I’ve worked on for a good two years. And I guess that was the one thought I wanted to send out to all the hard-working aspiring writers out there. A friend of mine wanted me to write this in an article. It’s to have ‘Hope in the Mail’. Yeah, I know, sounds Lifetime/Hallmark, but, ever since a year and a half ago I’ve had at least one story being considered somewhere, anywhere, really. The reason for this started as a hope to get some excellent literary credentials, but has morphed into a more realistic approach: To teach Creative Writing at a university someday. You know, that lazy guy in the corner office who phones it in and only works part-time but makes full-time money.

This hope in the mail thing is pretty therapeutic for me. Of course, I have to maintain a level of productivity all the time, but even if something is out there, just one story, a flash even, then I know I’m trying, and that helps a lot.

I’ve had a gigantic amount of rejections, but sprinkled in there have been four publications, which look good on a resume, or at the bottom of a query.

Just a thought.


  1. Great post, Patrick, and I like the title. So often we turn these events into hand-wringing,which isn't helpful. You have fleshed out something I posted on my blog, in which I made an analogy--whether we treat our writing as a backyard pond or a river flowing out into the world. The fear of rejection, instead of the hope of acceptance, can, perhaps, make us stagnant. Thanks for this. I shall put up a post-it "Hope in the Mail."

  2. I love that phrase "Hope in the mail". It shows that your actively pursuing publication. May the acceptance call come soon for you!

  3. I feel the same way, too. It's as if we are moving forward by always having something out on submission. Good thoughts today :)

  4. Love the title Patrick.

    As a writer you need skin as thick as an elephant's and the tenacity of a pit bull locked on an adversary.

    Rejections are just the flies buzzing around your head. Swat them away and keep going.

  5. I love this thought. Focus on the positive and keep on hoping!

  6. Hope in the Mail...what a truth! I know exactly what you mean. Every time I send something out, it feels like I'm on the road to success; especially since I can't get anything published until I put it out there. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Patrick: I admire how you keep sending stuff out!


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