Monday, May 18, 2009

Publishing Doom and Gloom

If you follow any of the agent blogs such as Nathan Bransford, Janet Reid, Rachelle Gardner, Jennifer Jackson, or others, the publishing business has been tough this year. Every one of them has seen more queries. They all talk about publishers buying less books. I have seen posts from each of them about the loss of jobs in the publishing business. What does that mean for us as writers?

It means that it's probably going to be tougher to get published in the near future.

So, should we give up and stop writing? Should we wait until the market comes back?

Absolutely not.

If writing is something that you love to do, now is the time to invest in yourself.

In business when the market is down, the smart companies invest in new products. When the market comes back, they are positioned perfectly to dominate the market.

It's the same for us writers. With the market as bad as it is today, we should copy the smart companies and develop new products. That means writing the next book, polishing the current one, writing a short story, starting a new blog, or creating a better author website. It also means that you continue to work on your craft, work on your queries, and polish your image.

Your goal is to make yourself easier to sell not only to agents, but also publishers. When the market does return, you will be positioned to take advantage with a better you.


  1. The market will eventually always. I think we shouldn't worry...just keep writing. I agree! :-)

  2. By the time I'm finished re-writing my ms, I'll be the market will be back again. ;)

    Lynnette Labelle
    ”Lynnette Labelle’s Blog”

  3. Good advice! For writers, there's always something to do "in the meantime".

  4. I hope you are right that the publishing industry will need to invest in new products.

    I'm sure that they will keep with what works (established authors), but who knows what they will do with new authors.

    I've heard it said that it is harder for a midlist author to get more contracts than a brand new author. Life is certainly competitive.

  5. Great advice Douglas. If the market's on a break, doesn't mean you should be too.

  6. NO doubt: it's easy to get sidetracked by things that ultimately don't matter. If we're true to the story and to the craft, the rest will come.


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