Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day and Stories!


I had so many serious topics that I was going to blog about. I wasn't sure which one I was going to choose:

  • Upcoming ten minute meeting with Donald Maass, the legendary literary agent?

  • Nuclear explosion image to discuss feedback I've recently given?

  • A super successful example of a flashback?
Well, all these choices will just have to wait: It's mother's day and a puppet show just inspired me.

I was sitting in the kids' room, and I was very full from the Angus beef burgers I just ate. So, it was more like lounging back on my daughter's bed as I watched my wife put on a puppet show with Emily, who is five.
"I just moved too. Do you want to be friends with me," said the horse (my wife) to the frog (my daughter).
"Yes," said the frog, with a jump of excitement.
"What do you like to do?" asked the horse.
There was a long silence. At least it felt long to me, because I was all caught up in the action, and the relevance of the story topic. So, I asked the frog, "Do you like to jump?"
With a jump, the velvet green frog said, "I like to jump--on my bottom!"
And that's exactly what the green frog did. She jumped up and down on her bottom, and my son--who is three--just laughed and laughed and laughed as he sat watching the show in my daughter's pink fold up chair.
There's no fighting a little kid laugh like that. We were all laughing. Then the horse got into the act. In a horsey voice, my wife said, "That hurts. I don't have legs like you." And my daughter just cracked up.
Life can be hard, but moments like these make it good! I've got to credit my wife for putting together the puppet show and giving the kids her creative energy. Mom's make a big difference when it comes to loving the world of story. At least that's been my experience.
My Mom:
My first word was "book". Isn't that weird? Well, yes, but I also think that it is kinda cool. And it has everything to do with my mom.
Now don't get me wrong. I'm the last person in the world to paint a picture of having a perfect childhood. Far from it. But, when it comes to stories and story telling, I was truly blessed.
Now, I can't remember back to when I was one, or two, or three. But, I can recall a time just a few months ago when my mom and my dad's fourth wife (who is wonderful) read to my kids.
My family is scattered all over Washington and Oregon, but we all got together at the Tacoma Borders because I was selected by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association to do a reading with a few other people. This was a big deal for me, but as it turned out the best part of the whole thing was watching the grandmas with my kids.

On the steps of the children's reading area, three generations sat together. There was my step father, my mom, my dad, and my step-mother Norma. My wife and I just sat and smiled as the grandmas cuddled the kids in their laps and read with voices full of joy and drama.
I listened closely to my mom and knew that's why my first word was book. She loves to read to kids. There was a little black boy about my daughter's age who looked over and listened and I was so glad that he smiled and joined in with the story. That's what stories are meant to do--bring us all together.

Questions of the Day:
What do you or your significant other do to encourage imagination and a love of the story world?

What kinds of experiences did you have reading with your mom?

(I will have to do a post like this on father's day, because my dad is a character and has his own style of story telling. Maybe I won't wait that long, because he believes that he has a guardian angel named Fred who is so lazy that you have to swear and cuss to get his attention. My dad loves telling stories like that, and others that many might find embarrassing.)


    If I interpret it broadly, Live is meant to bring human together for good, otherwise it is a vanity.
    Trust you have a wonderful Mother day.

  2. Great fun Dave. My post tomorrow is going to be about Mother's Day.

    I think my first word was chocolate :-D

  3. Touching post! Stories really do bring us together. That's why I write. I often feel that if I couldn't share my stories, I'd have no interest in writing at all. And reading is so much better when it's shared, as well.

    I love the Pacific Northwest. I try to get over there as much as I possibly can!


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