Friday, May 1, 2009

Are you getting in your extras?

Like most of you, I work. And I commute about four hours a day to get to said work. When I get home, I have to clean the house, work out for at least an hour a night, take care of the cats, and around all of this I write. 

I don't get out much. And today I realized that is a problem. 

I'm so focused on making my books the best they can be that it really slurps up all my time. And everything I do is targeted towards some aspect of them...which is nice, but doesn't really get me away from the whole writing thing, you know? Normally I don't mind, but I think that the progressively crazier and all-encompassing my life gets with this writing thing, the more important it will be to step away.

So I did something not me today. I rode a bicycle with my honey, for an hour to the grandparents and back an hour, and it was great. I was out in nature, I was enjoying the sun, and the light, and the wind, and the smells...I didn't think about my book once. I get that way when I work out but this was easier, somehow...better. 

I need to be able to take some time away, and I'll do it more often now. 

What do you do to get away?


  1. I'm right there with you. I need to get outside and there are so many things that can keep me from doing that, if I let them.

    It's really not a writing versus being outside dichotomy for me though. As I walk by the river, thoughts of story come to mind and I think them through better than if I just sat down at the computer and blasted away at the key board. Thoughtfulness is good.

    It's getting sucked into the online world, the tv, and the cell phone that is the biggest problem. That, and I spend a couple of hourse in the car every day. I loved Patrick's speculative post, because it points to a trend of how our brains and our bodies are getting more and more wired into technology.

    Physical movement and natural light, as you said, are good things.

  2. My life is the opposite. I don't have a lot of writing time, so that is my get away.

    Lynnette Labelle

  3. I venture into writing world so as to share my ideas and thoughts with others. I do so because I have been benefited so much beyond words from other authors and it is my turn to do the same to others. Exactly advocated by Confucius "DO to others like what you want others do to you"
    Grace and peace to you.

  4. you're so right. i try to disappear into the wilderness as much as i can get away with. even tho it's raining like a son of a gun tonight, i'll be out in the woods tomorrow, padding silently in the shadows, thankful I have this one day, this one precious day, to be out there in nature...


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