Friday, April 3, 2009

How solid is your query letter?

Well? How solid do you think it is? 

I have a confession to make. I love writing query letters. I love editing query letters. I view it as a challenge to see how I can distill my book down into a paragraph of pure fantastic that makes people want to *die* to read it. I think I did a pretty good job - mine sure nabbed me a super-fine agent, as well as four other offers. 

Let's pretend I sat down next to you, and we both know we're writers. So I ask you about your book. Can you tell me the most important parts in under five minutes? (This is a reason I think pitching an agent or editor might be a very cool thing at a conference. You have to do this too, but with added awe-factor, which might inhibit your results. At least that's what I hear). 

By most important parts, of course I mean: the twist. Or the situation that leads to the twist. The problem that drags your hero/heroine in emotionally, the one that wouldn't let you stop writing the thing. 

That part. 

In the spirit of sharing, I'll say: I'm happy to read a query for you. If you want another look-see. I'll tell you my opinion. Post it in the comments, or drop by my blog and shoot me a mail. 

But caveat: I'm honest, and blunt. I'm going to tell you what I really think, not some namby-pamby. 

So bring it. 


  1. Hey Jen, that's awesome. I would love to have you look at my query letter. I need to take one more pass at it, (based on your post comments) and I'll pass it along.

    I'm not worried about blunt comments either. If you cannot deal with blunt comments, then I think you are going to have a difficult time being a writer.

  2. Should I someday have a query, I'll remember your offer.

  3. Ah Jen, you are an angel :) I must admit that my query is the one thing i've struggled over and snipped and rearranged and ran through a grinder and a strainer. i think it's 1000% times better than it was...but i'm not yet sure if that's saying much. maybe i'll have to send it your way one of these days!


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